High-current photorelays achieve UL 508 certification for factory automation applications

Toshiba Electronics Europe's high-current photorelays are now offered with UL 508 certification. All of these nine devices in the series incorporate low on-state resistance MOSFETs

Power | 24-05-2019

Microcontrollers deliver high-speed data processing for a wide range of options

The group is based on the ARM Cortex-M4 core with an FPU. It combines high-performance analog circuits, a broad range of timers and communication channels, and is offered in a mixt

Semiconductors | 15-05-2019

New small surface mount LDO regulators lower power consumption

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has released two new series of small surface mount LDO regulators for employment in the power supply of imaging, mobile devices and audio-visual pro

Products | 25-03-2019

Expanded SSD portfolio targets cloud data centres

Toshiba Memory Europe has announced its XD5 Series NVMe SSD platform in a 2.5", 7mm low-profile form factor that is optimised for low-latency and performance consistency in read-in

Subs & Systems | 18-03-2019

New single-supply single-gate logic devices supports low voltage operation

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a range of single-supply single-gate logic devices. In total the lineup includes 31 devices that ease the design of voltage-level translatio

Products | 04-03-2019

Optimal solution for storing high-volume data is cost-efficient

Toshiba Memory Europe has launched a range of four new JEDEC e-MMC Ver. 5.1 compliant embedded flash memory products for consumer applications. The new products integrate the compa

Products | 01-03-2019

Small MOSFET ideal for automotive headlight applications

Toshiba Electronics has released a dual MOSFET with high levels of ESD protection. The new SSM6N813R is designed for use in rugged automotive applications, as well as for use as a

Products | 21-02-2019

Latest Ethernet bridge IC for automotive and industrial applications

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched the TC9562 series, its latest product in the automotive network bridge IC product line. The series offers advanced Ethernet ability for tele

Products | 25-01-2019

New H-bridge driver IC supporting low-voltage, large current drive

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched an addition to its line-up of dual H-bridge driver ICs for DC brushed motors and stepping motors. The new TC78H653FTG provides the low volta

Products | 14-12-2018

New 14TB NAS and HDs deliver up to 40% more capacity and lower power demands than previous models

Toshiba Electronics Europe adds 12TB and 14TB models to both its N300 NAS Hard Drive and X300 Performance Hard Drive series. The new models use a helium-sealed design, enabling the

Products | 10-12-2018

SATA HDD are qualified for selected storage server platforms

Toshiba Electronics has announced that Super Micro Computer has successfully qualified the MG07ACA Series 14TB and 12TB HDD SATA models on select Supermicro storage server platform

Products | 05-07-2018

New brushless fan motor driver IC has closed loop rotation speed control function

Toshiba Electronics has launched the TC78B025FTG, a three-phase brushless motor driver IC with a rotation speed control (closed loop control) function. The new device is designed f

Products | 24-05-2018

New gate driver photocoupler housed in a low-profile SO8L package

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched a new gate driver photocoupler housed in a low-profile SO8L package. The TLP5832 delivers 2.5A peak output current (IOPS, IOPL) and can dire

Products | 25-04-2018

New high-current photorelays for factory automation

Toshiba Electronics Europe has five new high-current photorelays in DIP4 and DIP6 packages. These additions to its photorelay portfolio incorporate MOSFETs fabricated with the late

Products | 28-03-2018