Super junction N-channel MOSFET series expanded

30-06-2020 | Toshiba | Power

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched eight new super junction N-channel power MOSFETs to extend its latest DTMOSVI series.

The 650V-rated TK110N65Z, TK110Z65Z, TK110A65Z, TK125V65Z, TK155A65Z, TK170V65Z, TK190A65Z and TK210V65Z devices all own very appealing performance parameters. These MOSFETs provide engineers with a 40% reduction in terms of their drain-source on-resistance x gate-drain charge FoM in comparison to its previous DTMOS generation. Consequently, they can raise the effectiveness of switch-mode power supplies by approximately 0.36% - thereby facilitating a substantial decrease in switching losses when compared to the previous generation.

The new MOSFETs are aimed at employment in the switch-mode power supplies of a wide range of industrial equipment (including data centre infrastructure, back-up power sources and the power conditioners of photovoltaic generators). They will provide major performance upgrades when replacing existing devices. The devices offer a Kelvin source pin for improved control and efficiency increase potential. The TK110N65Z and TK110Z65Z fit into TO-247 packages with 3/4 pins, while the TK110A65Z, TK155A65Z and TK190A65Z come in fully isolated TO-220SIS packages. Lastly, the TK125V65Z, TK170V65Z and TK210V65Z are all housed in an 8mm x 8mm DFN package format for surface mounting. This indicates DTMOSVI solutions can now be sourced whatever the specific board real estate demands are.

By Natasha Shek