Display interface bridge ICs address the issue of incompatible interfaces

08-06-2020 | Toshiba | Automotive & Transport

Toshiba Electronics Europe offers two newly developed display interface bridge ICs to its product lineup for automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems.

Through the higher complexity and extended functionality of automotive IVI systems, the number of display panels included into modern vehicles has grown significantly, with IVI systems frequently incorporating numerous different display interface types (like LVDS, etc). Consequently, some current systems are unable to support emerging protocols - such as DSI and eDP, due to incompatibilities between interface standards.

Addressing this issue, designers are shifting to interface bridge ICs such as the company's new TC9594XBG and TC9595XBG.

The TC9594XBG supports a parallel input (24bit @ 166MHz) and provides a 4-lane x 1 channel MIPI DSI-TX output. The TC9595XBG accepts two input types; 4-lane x 1 channel MIPI DSI or MIPI DPI (24bit @ 154MHz) and outputs VESA DisplayPort 1.1a.

Both devices provide WUXGA (1900 x 1200 @ 24bit) resolution and are housed in a 7mm x 7mm/0.65mm pitch VFBGA80 package. The TC9594XBG operates from -40C to +105C while the TC9595XBG covers -40C to +85C.

By Natasha Shek