Devices curb power consumption to boost vehicle fuel economy

20-08-2020 | Toshiba | Automotive & Transport

Toshiba Electronics Europe has produced a series of new high-efficiency N-channel MOSFETs for automotive applications based on the company’s advanced U-MOSVIII-H process technology. The XPN3R804NC and XPN7R104NC have 40V voltage ratings, while the XPN6R706NC and XPN12006NC support 60V operation. They all display remarkably low ON-resistance values, reaching down to 3.8mOhm (for the XPN3R804NC at 10V), as well as minimal leakage current.

These MOSFETs are contained in surface-mount TSON Advance (WF) packages which assure that board utilisation remains at a minimum. The devices have a 3.3mm x 3.6mm (typical) footprint and can replace devices with a size of 5mm x 6mm. Through the addition of wettable flank terminals, board mounting procedures and AOI activities are also supported.

Fully AEC-Q101-compliant, these MOSFET devices are designed for deployment within automotive environments. Due to their compactness, they can add significantly to a shrinkage in the size of vehicles’ ECUs. Other potential application scenarios where they may be employed include switching regulators, DC-DC converters and motor drivers.

By Natasha Shek