Debugger and performance analyser now available for macOS

SEGGER has announced that its debugger and performance analyser, Ozone, is now offered for macOS running on Apple silicon (e.g. M1/M2). “Based on numerous requests by customers and

Test & Measurement | 03-04-2023

Video class support added to software for embedded systems

SEGGER has added video class support to its professional USB-Host software for embedded systems, emUSB-Host The software provides PC-like, plug-and-play support: Once a device is c

Industrial | 10-03-2023

VNC over USB introduced offering huge array of options

SEGGER’s emVNC-Server makes it feasible to see the display of, and operate, an embedded system through USB. For an embedded system with a display, this display may be mirrored on t

Industrial | 14-12-2022

Multi-platform IDE includes source code of libraries

SEGGER's latest version of Embedded Studio is supplied with the source code and on-demand build of C runtime library, emRun, and C++ library, emRun++. A toolchain generally possess

Industrial | 29-11-2022

Support kit makes it easy to add support for debug probes and Flasher programmers

The new J-Link Device Support Kit makes adding support for new devices even easier for SEGGER’s J-Link debug probes and Flasher programmers. The kit contains all files required to

Test & Measurement | 23-09-2022

FAT storage specification breaks 4GB per file barrier

SEGGER's BigFAT specification, which allows any third party to store files larger than 4GB on standard FAT media, is now available. This specification is not encumbered by any pate

Subs & Systems | 30-08-2022

Software designed to handle any compression task in any application

emCompress-PRO is a new all-in-one compression software from SEGGER and includes all industry-standard compression algorithms. The software is created to handle any compression tas

Design & Manufacture | 09-06-2022

Cutting-edge C++ library now available for licensing

SEGGER's emRun++ is a groundbreaking C++ library, completely compatible with the modern 2017 standard. It is utilised and proven in its multi-platform Embedded Studio IDE for RISC-

Design & Manufacture | 26-04-2022

Real-time memory management improves efficiency and response time

SEGGER's Embedded Studio for Arm Version 6 provides real-time memory management, which improves efficiency and response time for allocating and freeing up memory, allowing hard rea

Design & Manufacture | 07-04-2022

Collaboration with high-performance MCUs and embedded solutions company

SEGGER is partnering with HPMicro Semiconductor Inc. The partnership focuses on making SEGGER's multi-platform IDE Embedded Studio available, free of charge, to all HPMicro's clien

Semiconductors | 16-03-2022

Debug probe software now offered for Microsoft Windows on Arm

SEGGER has released a J-Link software package specifically for Windows on Arm platform. It may be downloaded and employed with all J-Link and J-Trace units at no cost. The new pack

Design & Manufacture | 29-12-2021

64-bit RISC-V support added to new software release

SEGGER's latest release of Embedded Studio for RISC-V added support for 64-bit RISC-V CPUs, including RV64I, RV64E and RV64GC with floating-point unit. It is provided with integrat

Design & Manufacture | 15-12-2021

Customisation options available for service programmer

SEGGER’s service programmer Flasher Portable PLUS is now completely customisable, enabling corporations to provide their service technicians with a branded tool. The user-friendly

Test & Measurement | 07-12-2021

Debugging solutions now compatible with Arduino and IDE

SEGGER and Arduino have announced that SEGGER’s J-Link debugging solutions are now completely compatible with Arduino Portenta boards and IDE. Developers can obtain a J-Link from t

Design & Manufacture | 06-10-2021