Development environment available to Linux developers

Linux Studio is a development environment created particularly for native host development, making the features of SEGGER's top-rated Embedded Studio IDE available to all Linux app

Design & Manufacture | 10-08-2021

Software receives quality label with its all-in-one embedded OS

SEGGER’s RTOS embOS has been awarded STMicroelectronics’ 'MadeForSTM32 v2' certificate. embOS is part of the company's all-in-one embedded operating system emPower OS. MadeForSTM32

Design & Manufacture | 27-07-2021

Collaboration delivers communication solution for industrial Ethernet-APL

SEGGER Microcontroller collaborates with Analog Devices, providing embedded engineers with a new solution for developing industrial Ethernet applications, including the new Etherne

Design & Manufacture | 15-07-2021

Universal flash programming tool offers extra-large memory

SEGGER's Flasher PRO XL is a full-featured, in-circuit, universal flash programming tool offering extra-large memory capacity. With 2GB of storage, the device is created to program

Subs & Systems | 19-05-2021

Floating-point library licenced for company's compiler toolchain

Segger Microcontroller has announced that Microchip Technology has licensed its optimised floating-point library, emFloat, for their XC32 V4.0 compiler toolchain and Arm Cortex-M d

Design & Manufacture | 05-05-2021

Software turns device into high-speed CMSIS-DAP debug probe

SEGGER's latest J-Link software makes it attainable to turn J-Link into a high-speed CMSIS-DAP debug probe. In this mode, it can be employed with any toolchain or application that

Test & Measurement | 20-04-2021

New IDE designed specifically for Apple M1

Segger has released its Embedded Studio build for the newly-released Apple M1, Apple’s first ARM-based SoC designed specifically for Mac. The software is the company’s cross-platfo

Subs & Systems | 17-02-2021

On-board debug probes play crucial role in new educational kit

SEGGER’s J-Link on-board debug probes may be seen on hundreds of diverse evaluation boards and single-board computers worldwide. However, few are as prominent as the BBC Doctor Who

Design & Manufacture | 25-01-2021

Complete software solution now available for Linux on ARM

SEGGER’s complete portfolio of J-Link software is now offered for Linux on ARM, for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. This encompasses both the command-line programs and GUI tools

Design & Manufacture | 19-01-2021

Progamming QSPI flashes at maximum speed for production environments

SEGGER has added quad mode programming for QSPI Flashes to its universal flash programmer, maximising programming speed for production environments. Flasher PRO assures that the ti

Subs & Systems | 12-01-2021

RTOS transforms 64-bit SoCs into single-chip computers

SEGGER has revealed that its embOS real-time operating system now supports 64-bit processor cores. With the RTOS, users can now effortlessly upgrade to 64-bit systems while continu

Subs & Systems | 25-11-2020

New library leads to a huge reduction in code size for RISC-V applications

Segger offers a new version of the RISC-V Floating-Point Library with full support for RV32E – the embedded version of the RISC-V core. The new library directs to a huge reduction

Subs & Systems | 28-09-2020

Support added for Raspberry Pi as host

SEGGER has launched a version of its J-Link software, especially for Linux Arm. Targeted at industrial automation and other applications employing Raspberry Pi and other single boa

Subs & Systems | 14-09-2020

Newly released software minimises code size

The newly released SEGGER Embedded Studio V5 for Arm processors is issued with the company’s Compiler, Linker, Runtime and Floating-Point libraries incorporated. All components are

Design & Manufacture | 12-08-2020