64-bit support for an all-in-one IDE solution for building embedded applications

22-05-2023 | Segger | Test & Measurement

The latest release of Embedded Studio, SEGGER's all-in-one IDE solution for building embedded applications, now supports ARMv8-A CPUs, including Cortex-A53, Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A72.

With a similar look and feel on all platforms and completely portable projects, developers can appreciate efficient development on Windows, Linux, and macOS, on Arm, Intel, and Apple Silicon.

The solution includes all the tools and attributes required for professional embedded C and C++ programming and development. It arrives with the company's highly optimised emRun runtime and emFloat floating-point libraries, as well as its smart Linker, all of which have been designed from the ground up, particularly for embedded systems. Combined with the highly optimising C/C++ SEGGER Compiler, remarkably small yet efficient programs can be generated, setting every byte to work.

"We see a migration to 64-bit cores, even for a typical embedded application, simply because many modern SoCs and FPGAs use them," says Ivo Geilenbruegge, managing director of SEGGER. "This makes support for Arm64 important for our customer base. We continue to keep our products cutting-edge and multi-platform for everything from small microcontrollers up to devices with multiple Arm Cortex-A 64-bit cores. One IDE fits all!"

The solution's built-in debugger natively supports J-Link, perfect for automated testing, and, with its integration of the GDB remote protocol, also provides third-party debug probes.

Under SEGGER's Friendly License, Embedded Studio is available for unlimited evaluation and educational and non-commercial purposes, free of charge, with no restrictions in terms of code size, features or duration of use.

By Seb Springall