Embedded software is now freely available to automotive customers

07-08-2023 | Segger | Automotive & Transport

As part of an ongoing partnership between SEGGER and SemiDrive, SEGGER's Embedded Studio is now free of charge for SemiDrive's customers utilising SemiDrive Cortex-R/M-based microcontrollers.

SemiDrive's products are installed in various vehicles covering over 90% of auto manufacturers in China.

SEGGER Microcontroller is Embedded Studio's developer, a professional IDE for code development on Arm and RISC-V. It is employed broadly by tens of thousands of embedded software developers and by the Embedded Experts at the company, providing the highest quality and usability.

"We are very pleased to provide SEGGER's professional embedded development tools to our customers, free of charge," says SUN Mingle, CTO of SemiDrive. "In terms of efficiency, performance, and ease of use, using Embedded Studio significantly accelerates the process of mass production. SemiDrive has always been committed to creating a comprehensive ecosystem, working with partners to provide customers with professional services, and SEGGER's Embedded Studio is a perfect fit for this model."

"We are excited to partner with SemiDrive in offering Embedded Studio to its customers, "says Ivo Geilenbruegge, managing director of SEGGER. "SemiDrive prides itself on high performance, strong reliability, and high security - all features that are also a strong focus for SEGGER. We look forward to seeing SemiDrive and its customers strive!"

By Seb Springall