Collaboration enhances capabilities for developers working with STM32 products

SEGGER has announced that ST's tools STM32CubeProgrammer and STM32CubeMonitor are now seamlessly integrated with SEGGER's J-Link debug probes. This collaboration marks a strategic

Test & Measurement | 28-03-2024

Collaboration provides emWin embedded system graphics library free of charge

SEGGER and GigaDevice have partnered to provide emWin GUI software free of charge. With GD32, the largest Arm-based MCU product family in China, GigaDevice was the first to launch

Industrial | 15-03-2024

J-Link debug probes support Renesas RZ/V2H MPU

SEGGER announced that its J-Link debug probes now support the new RZ/V2H MPU from Renesas Electronics. The RZ/V2H is a single-chip MPU developed for next-generation robotics applic

Semiconductors | 13-03-2024

Debugger and performance analyser now available for Windows on Arm

SEGGER has announced that its debugger and performance analyser, Ozone, is now available for Windows on Arm. With the existing binaries for Windows on Intel, for macOS on Intel and

Test & Measurement | 05-03-2024

New Arduino MKR adapter for seamless J-Link connectivity

SEGGER has released the Arduino MKR Adapter, simplifying the connection of J-Link debug probes to Arduino boards from the MKR series. The adapter was originally designed for intern

Test & Measurement | 31-01-2024

SVG support added to embedded graphic library

SEGGER has introduced support for SVG in emWin, equipping developers with a powerful and efficient solution for rendering scalable and rotatable graphics in embedded applications.

Industrial | 29-01-2024

Window cache boosts the performance of graphic library

SEGGER has introduced a window cache feature for the emWin embedded graphics library, typically increasing performance by a factor of four in larger systems with sufficient RAM. Th

Industrial | 22-01-2024

New solutions offer one IDE for Arm and RISC-V

SEGGER has announced the new Embedded Studio – V8.10. This cutting-edge, multi-platform IDE now also supports multiple architectures with a single setup. The same software can buil

Industrial | 16-01-2024

Simplifying rapid production programming of SD cards and eMMC

SEGGER’s FAT Image Creator is a production utility that prepares a FAT file system for rapidly programming embedded or removable media in production. The FAT Image Creator construc

Industrial | 11-01-2024

USB-C PD turns the cable connection into smart tech

SEGGER's emUSB-C PD is an embedded software library for PD protocol management. With emUSB-C PD, the software can actively manage cable connections. This assists embedded system de

Industrial | 03-01-2024

Multi-architecture streaming trace probe

The new flagship model J-Trace PRO is now the 'all-in-one' probe for any popular CPU core and architecture. It combines all the debug capabilities of the market-leading J-Link seri

Test & Measurement | 28-12-2023

Class-leading enhancements to JPEG decode for MCU

SEGGER offers hand-optimised extensions to their JPEG decode firmware to optimise IDCT calculations based on the Arm Helium extension available in the new Renesas RA8D1 MCU group,

Industrial | 19-12-2023

Arduino platform integration offers users a seamless way to use emWin

SEGGER's emWin is a cutting-edge, high-performance graphics package optimised for minimum memory consumption, in RAM and ROM, and for high speed and versatility. It delivers high-q

Industrial | 06-12-2023

Flasher commander secures firmware right up to the target

SEGGER has launched the STM32-SFI Flasher Commander, a free CLI tool developed to support STMicroelectronics's Secure Firmware Installation (SFI) feature. As part of the production

Industrial | 23-11-2023