Preemptive RTOS designed as foundation for developing embedded applications

26-04-2023 | Segger | Test & Measurement

SEGGER's embOS is a preemptive RTOS created to be the foundation for producing embedded applications. Now in its fourth decade of continuous use and enhancement, its dependability and performance underpin the firmware in each J-Link and J-Trace.

Embedded Studio is the leading multi-platform IDE. Characterised by its flexibility, it possesses all the tools and features a developer requires for professional embedded C and C++ programming and development. Under the company's Friendly License, Embedded Studio can be downloaded without registration, used free of charge for educational and non-commercial purposes, and evaluated on all platforms without code size, feature, or time limitations. An Embedded Studio CPU support package is offered, including project templates and system files for the STMicroelectronics STM32C0 series.

The STM32C0 series is also supported by embOS-Ultra, the company's high-performance RTOS. It employs Cycle-resolution Timing for greater precision and time resolution than any other RTOS on the market. Swapping to embOS-Ultra immediately improves performance and saves power. It also allows the application to use cycle-based and microsecond-based timing. API is compatible with traditional embOS, making migration straightforward with no required application changes and maintaining traditional RTOS behaviour. It simply delivers Cycle-resolution Timing where new further API calls are used. There is no necessity to select between the traditional and the revolutionary.

The STM32C0, ST's most affordable 32-bit MCU, makes 32-bit capabilities attainable for all developers. It is developed to bridge the gap between 8- or 16-bit MCUs and higher-performance 32-bit MCUs.

Support also includes the company's J-Links, the most widely employed line of debug probes on the market. They use capabilities fine-tuned for software development and production. Features comprise high-performance flash loaders, up to 4MB/s download speed, and the capability to set an unlimited number of breakpoints in the flash memory of MCUs.

By Seb Springall