High-speed ISP gang programmer with integrated USB connectivity

15-08-2023 | Segger | Industrial

The Flasher Hub-12 is SEGGER's streamlined solution for high-volume, high-speed gang programming, with USB connectivity incorporated into the new housing.

The solution controls up to 12 Flasher Compact devices so that they program simultaneously. Each channel can be configured to program a different device or a different firmware image. They are directly connected, with no need for external USB Hubs, to produce a single, powerful gang programmer for efficient parallel programming at maximum speed. Up to four Flasher Hubs can be chained so that 48 Flasher Compacts are connected and controlled through the same admin interfaces.

The integrated USB connections streamline the setup and greatly reduce the space need. The solution with Flasher Compacts also supports all devices traditionally supported by the Flasher Hub/Flasher Compact setup.

"The Flasher Hub-12 setup lets you place each Flasher Compact as close as possible to the target device, "says Dirk Akemann, marketing manager at SEGGER. "Keeping the cable between the Flasher Compact and the target device very short maximizes reliability and ensures the highest possible speed. The slim, light housing of the Flasher Compact makes it space-efficient and easy to integrate into any production environment. The footprint of its casing is smaller than that of a credit card."

The solution serves as a management and control system for the connected Flasher Compacts. Flasher Hub can be controlled and monitored through Handshake lines, RS232, USB or the integrated telnet, Web or FTP servers. Each device programmed by the gang programming system can be assigned unique serial numbers and patches, such as MAC addresses or licenses for individual features during programming.

All company in-circuit flash programmers are developed to attain top programming speeds, coming very close to the theoretical minimum programming time of the target hardware. Its included Flasher software package is multi-platform, running on Linux, macOS, and Windows included.

The solution is future-proof as software and firmware updates, including new features and flash loaders for target devices, are made available free of charge. There are no royalties or licensing costs. Support for existing and to-be-added devices is included. There are no hidden costs and no future costs.


By Seb Springall

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