VNC over USB introduced offering huge array of options

14-12-2022 | Segger | Industrial

SEGGER’s emVNC-Server makes it feasible to see the display of, and operate, an embedded system through USB. For an embedded system with a display, this display may be mirrored on the remote computer. For an embedded system with no display, the virtual display content can be shown.

Being able to connect to the embedded system via USB is extremely cost-effective and opens a huge array of options. And since USB is widely used, the system can be implemented easily just by plugging into an existing interface. There is no extra hardware cost and little memory – in flash and RAM – is needed meaning it can even be employed in small embedded systems with limited memory. The system transports human input, such as mouse or touchscreen interaction, over USB to the embedded system, allowing control of the application, working in parallel with existing functionality.

“emVNC-Server is a VNC-over-anything software module,” says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER. “I see the key use case as creating a remote display for a ‘headless’ system. We extend the use of the standard VNC protocol to USB. This has the potential to become very popular. Creating a virtual display for an embedded system essentially makes the physical display superfluous while delivering significant cost savings in the process.”

The solution was developed specifically for embedded systems. It offers the server module for the embedded system and the client. The PC-side application is multi-platform, for Linux, macOS, and Windows, and is offered for download free of charge.

The solution is GUI-independent. It works seamlessly with the company's emUSB Device plus a graphics library, such as its emWin. This makes it uniquely ideal for use on embedded devices as there are no limitations on the display hardware. It comes with examples for use with and without emWin.

By Seb Springall