Instruction set simulator to generate and debug ARM64 programs

31-05-2023 | Segger | Industrial

SEGGER has added a complete instruction set simulator to its latest Embedded Studio for ARM version.

This follows the newly added compiler, linker, and runtime support for ARM64, which made it feasible to generate and debug ARM64 programs for devices such as, but not restricted to, Cortex-A53, Cortex-A57, and Cortex-A72.

Adding the simulator brings ARM64 support to the same level as all other architectures supported by Embedded Studio. Embedded Studio for ARM is offered on all platforms (Linux, macOS, and Windows) on Arm, Intel, and Apple Silicon.

Simulation is an outstanding tool when hardware is scarce or even before it is available. It is also excellent for programming away from the office and for automated testing.

"Due to its complexity, ARM64 was the first architecture we ever introduced that did not have a simulator from the outset, "says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER. "We make a point of having simulators for all supported architectures, and ARM64 is no longer an exception."

"A simulator is – amongst many other things – a great tool for an engineer or student to use to become familiar with a new architecture," explains Dirk Akemann, marketing manager at SEGGER. "With Embedded Studio, it is very easy to generate programs and execute them in the simulator. Download, install and go, all in a matter of minutes. It simply works. We are happy to be able to make professional tools available to everybody."

With the company's friendly licensing, software may be used for evaluation and for educational and non-commercial purposes, free of charge, with no restrictions regarding code size, features or duration of use.


By Seb Springall