Transparent bash button for high-speed and tactile interaction

Omron Electronic Components Europe now offers the W7BB-X01 transparent 'bash button', which installs straight into the cover glass of a large display panel to improve user interact

Connectors, Cables & Enclosures | 28-04-2022

Compact non-leaded MOSFET relay offers 75% higher load current

A new MOSFET relay from Omron Electronic Components Europe integrates a high current rating (200V 0.35A) and a high ambient operating temperature range in a small-sized surface mou

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 14-03-2022

Powerful and compact high voltage DC relay for inrush current prevention

Omron Electronic Components Europe has released a small footprint DC power relay that frees PCB space without compromising performance. The G5PZ-X is an excellent choice for inrush

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 07-12-2021

High inrush capability relay for safe and smart lighting controls

Omron Electronic Components Europe now offers the new G5RL-K-EL latching relay created for the high inrush performance required in smart building automation systems and the control

Lighting Technologies | 16-11-2021

Low leakage MOSFET relay module range available now

Omron Electronic Components Europe now offers new high voltage and high current versions of its innovative T-configuration MOSFET relay modules. These T-modules provide the outstan

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 27-09-2021

New miniature switches ideal for wet or dusty applications

Omron Electronics Components Europe has released two new fully sealed, miniature micro switches providing a particularly compact and flexible solution for applications exposed to w

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 14-09-2021

Cool running relay offers efficient PCS design for micropower installations

Omron Electronic Components Europe has released a compact, efficient 800VAC, 200A high power relay aimed at PCS associated with renewable micropower generation as well as inverters

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 09-07-2021

Efficient PWM controlled power relays available now

Omron Electronic Components Europe has released PWM controlled versions of three of its most popular power relays, providing coil power levels 75-90% lower than similar standard ve

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 11-06-2021

New miniature SMD PMS for 3D printers and industrial systems

Omron Electronic Components Europe has released a new, extremely compact reflective photo microsensor (PMS) with a sensing distance of 3-4mm, filling a gap in the market for an SMD

Subs & Systems | 13-05-2021

New longer distance sensor for touchless control solutions

Omron Electronic Components Europe has added a new product to the B5W series of optical sensors. The new B5W-DB diffuse reflector sensor provides a longer sensing distance of 550mm

Test & Measurement | 09-04-2021

Terminal blocks improve assembly efficiency

OMRON Electronic Components Europe has released a new range of Push-In Terminal Block PCB Connectors to noticeably increase the efficiency of connector insertion and removal and ca

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 10-03-2021

MOSFET relay offers exceptional compactness

OMRON Electronic Components Europe has launched the G3VM – PSON, a particularly compact MOSFET relay offering high current capacity for industrial and test applications. Providing

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 12-02-2021

New level of accuracy to embedded face recognition now available

OMRON Electronic Components Europe has released a new OKAO Vision face recognition package, allowing highly accurate deep-learning face recognition. Developers can deploy OKAO Visi

Test & Measurement | 14-01-2021

Compact 500VDC relay for charging circuits

OMRON Electronic Components Europe announces a highly compact 500VDC power relay targeted at the pre-charge circuits in EV chargers, battery back-up systems for solar panels and ot

Power | 03-12-2020