High dielectric strength MOSFET relays for smart meters and test systems

01-02-2023 | Omron | Power

Omron Electronic Components Europe has extended its broad range of MOSFET relays with two new devices. The new Omron G3VM-401 and G3VM-601 provide high dielectric strength and operating temperatures for electric meters and industrial control applications. The new G3VM-41UR pot is a highly responsive device supplying low on-resistance and output capacitance in ultra-compact VSON packaging, targeting test and measurement applications, particularly ATE.

Operating temperatures can be a specific challenge for designers of electricity meters as these units need to be sealed to prevent tampering. The new devices manage this issue as they can withstand ambient temperatures of up to 110C. They also provide a high dielectric strength of 5,000V rms AC. The devices are supplied in surface mount and thru-hole form with SPST-NO contacts. They are power efficient, with a low trigger current of just 2mA. The G3VM-401 handles a load current of up to 400V at 120mA, and the G3VM-601 up to 600V at 90mA.

The new G3VM-41UR offers a low CxR of just 10pF*Ohm and can handle currents of up to 40V at 0.25A – outstanding for a device of this size. It is an exceptional compact alternative to SOP4 package devices and reed relays. Its low on resistance of just 2-Ohms and low output capacitance of only 5pF make it ideal for switching test signals in ATE systems and for other test and measurement and communications equipment applications.


By Seb Springall

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