USB-C device test with long-lasting socket

OMRON Electronics Components Europe is assisting the roll-out of consumer electronics based on the USB-C type of I/O connector with the launch of a new long-life, simple to use ins

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 09-11-2020

Precise and flexible 3D time-of-flight sensor module

Omron Electronic Components Europe has released a new precision ToF ranging sensor delivering a convenient, modular solution providing autonomous-guidance, positioning, and proximi

Test & Measurement | 14-10-2020

Optical sensor detects transparent and other difficult objects

A new high-performance optical sensor that can reliably identify mirrored, transparent, diffuse and other hard to detect surfaces has been launched by Omron Electronic Components

Products | 20-04-2016

Ultra-compact near-silent long-stroke microswitch

Omron has launched a new sealed ultra subminiature lever switch featuring a long stroke, a highly-reliable contact mechanism and near-silent operation. The new Omron D2AW long

Products | 11-04-2016

Efficient and compact new power relay suits industrial control and more

Omron has unveiled a new compact and efficient power relay, capable of switching 5A at 250VAC for industrial control and building automation applications. According to Omron,

Products | 25-02-2016

High-current MOSFET relays can replace electromechanical relays in smart meters

New high-current MOSFET relays, from Omron Electronic Components Europe, can support continuous loads of up to 3.3A AC, 6.6A DC. The new devices are squarely aimed at electromechan

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 10-02-2016

Wire-mounted photo micro sensors simplify installation

Omron has launched a new range of wire-mounted photo micro sensors, specifically designed for the many applications where the detector needs to be installed in the appliance away

Products | 13-01-2016

Omron -Durable new miniature switches can handle five million operations

Aimed specifically at high use switching applications such as elevator switches, circuit breakers, digital pens and laser pointers, two durable compact surface-mount switches have

Connectors, Switches & EMECH | 08-12-2015

Pre-charge relay for electric / hybrid vehicles and other heavy-duty battery systems

A new pre-charge relay aimed specifically at electric and hybrid vehicles and other heavy duty battery powered systems has been launched by Omron Electronic Components Europe (OC

Products | 07-01-2015