Powerful and compact high voltage DC relay for inrush current prevention

07-12-2021 | Omron | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Omron Electronic Components Europe has released a small footprint DC power relay that frees PCB space without compromising performance. The G5PZ-X is an excellent choice for inrush protection circuits or controlling equipment such as ESS for solar panels or V2H charging points for EVs.

Andries de Bruin, European product marketing manager, Omron, said: “The market for electric vehicles and renewable energy generation such as solar panels is growing rapidly, but equipment designers face the challenge of downsizing power supplies while increasing energy storage capacity. The new G5PZ-X, which features Omron arc control technology, delivers reliable high-capacity DC bi-directional switching on a small footprint.”

A single relay, at only W15.2mm x L26.4mm, covers 200VDC/20A, but two relays may be connected in series to switch currents at 400VDC/20A. This level of performance can assist in protecting delicate components from very brief load peaks before the circuit stabilises or for main circuit shutdown. A pair of the relays provide comparable performance to the nearest competitor device but with decreased device length and height (L26.4mm x H29.5mm).

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