Transparent bash button for high-speed and tactile interaction

28-04-2022 | Omron | Connectors, Cables & Enclosures

Omron Electronic Components Europe now offers the W7BB-X01 transparent 'bash button', which installs straight into the cover glass of a large display panel to improve user interaction in casino games and similar applications. The robust, mechanical button is tactile and straightforward to activate without looking away from the screen.

Ideal for applications that require fast action with instant confirmation, the bash button is employed in gaming machines, kiosks, and high-end vending equipment. With 1.5mm total travel and low installed height, the button complements the modern and unified appearance of equipment equipped with a large display.

A 58mm-diameter transparent central area enables the user to see the display through the button, allowing a dynamic display of instructions or colourful graphics. Seamlessly physically integrated and visually coordinated with the GUI, the button also offers halo lighting that provides extra flexibility to give clear indications and produce imaginative visual effects.

The button may be installed through coverglass up to 3mm thick. Screwless mounting simplifies assembly and maintenance, with waterproof sealing to shield against splashes and spills. An 84mm chrome bezel provide an attractive finish, and the button is provided with an attached 125mm transparent flat-flex with, ticketing systems an off-the-shelf 35-pin connector to ease electrical connection to the host system.

The button has a rated lifetime of four million operations, even when subjected to harsh use, providing high reliability and helping maximise equipment uptime in applications that demand continuous availability.

By Natasha Shek