High inrush capability relay for safe and smart lighting controls

16-11-2021 | Omron | Lighting Technologies

Omron Electronic Components Europe now offers the new G5RL-K-EL latching relay created for the high inrush performance required in smart building automation systems and the control of capacitive loads.

The new low-profile power relay – excellent for controlling fluorescent and LED lamps – provides an innovative single contact structure, making it an extremely competitive solution.

The new 16A relay is approved to IEC60669-1 and offers a high inrush current capability up to 255A, making it excellent for demanding switching environments where loads differ greatly. The device is also compatible with the International Safety Standard for Electrical/ Electronic Household Appliances (IEC60335-1). The latching design saves energy as there is no hold current to hold the relay open.

The device is an excellent addition to the company’s popular G5RL relay family, explained Andries de Bruin, senior European product marketing manager at Omron: “Smart building systems can reduce the need to touch shared surfaces – an important safety measure as we return to working life after COVID-19. So, facilities managers are increasingly turning to automated lighting to increase safety as well as save energy. But the highly variable loads typical of these systems demand specialist components. The new G5RL-K-EL is a smart solution to this growing challenge.”

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