New MOSFET relays deliver higher dielectric strength and sensitivity

31-03-2023 | Omron | Power

Omron Electronic Components Europe has expanded its MOSFET relay G3VM series line-up, now providing increased sensitivity and higher dielectric strength capability. Its new G3VM-61VY4 expands the 60V SOP4 relay up to 0.7A continuous load current with 3750Vrms dielectric strength, while the 350V G3VM-35VY1 increases continuous load to 110mA with 3750Vrms dielectric strength between I/O.

The new relays conform to SOP4 special format, 2.1mm in height, 3.7mm wide and 7mm in length. They share the same mounting pad footprint as that employed for existing SOP4 relays. The new models' high dielectric strength supports applications needing high isolation between I/O. The high sensitivity of these devices is particularly suited to sensor applications, for example, transferring sensor signals and output signal switching from control units in security solutions.

The company's MOSFET relays lead the industry in optical semiconductor technology, employing an input LED, with a PDA utilised as a photocoupler and MOSFET chip in the load switching current. As well as being maintenance-free, the MOSFET relay provides high-speed operation and compact size, further facilitating the replacement of mechanical relays.

These new models will lower power consumption during switch-on and reduce input current by one-third during operation. Its relays contribute to smaller, denser equipment than equivalent mechanical devices. Compared to reed relays, power consumption on the input is extremely low, further adding to energy-saving equipment.


By Seb Springall

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