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Three simple ways to clean and protect sensitive electronics

When the need arises to clean and protect electronic devices, Cortec offers three easy ways to do so without harming sensitive components. Corwipe 500 is a handy wipe for light cle

Test & Measurement | 29-05-2024

New inhibiting film with high post-consumer recycled content

Cortec has launched a new version of its proprietary VpCI-126 Film Technology. This PCR corrosion-inhibiting film has been created with a high amount of post-consumer recycled cont

Industrial | 16-02-2023

First ESD self-seal bubble bags for electronic and EV industries

EcoSonic ESD Self-Seal Bubble Bags powered by Nano VpCI from Cortec Europe combine vapour phase corrosion inhibitors with self-seal cushioning bubble bags and ESD protection to saf

Industrial | 08-11-2022

Recyclable stretch film with multi-metal corrosion inhibitors and ESD protection

Cortec Laboratories has developed new speciality film for electronics, munitions, fertilisers and several other industrial applications where static discharge may result in dangero

Subs & Systems | 01-02-2022

New compostable film bids to keep plastics out of landfills

In today’s world, many are looking for 'greener' ways to approach packaging. Cortec Corporation has introduced viable packaging options that can make the 'circular economy' a reali

Subs & Systems | 18-05-2021

ESD film and bags solve corrosion and static damage

EcoCortec now provides new and improved custom EcoSonic VpCI-125 HP Permanent ESD Film and Bags. What differentiates this new product from its previous VpCI-125 ESD version is the

Subs & Systems | 02-12-2020

Emitting devices provide multimetal corrosion protection

Cortec’s longstanding commitment to environmental responsibility offers an expanding portfolio of sustainable products. Its VpCI devices protect metals by conditioning enclosed env

Subs & Systems | 15-09-2020

Corrosion protection packaging ESD bags ideal for sensitive electronics

Cortec Advanced Films produces the highest quality VpCI films tied too tight quality standards in its onsite QC lab. These films provide one of the simplest methods for corrosion p

Subs & Systems | 09-10-2019

Barrier coating transforms paper and linerboard into recyclable alternative to wax and polycoated board

Cortec Corporation has developed a waterborne moisture barrier coating that gives paper manufacturers the ability to create effective, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly paper and

Products | 05-01-2018