Corrosion protection packaging ESD bags ideal for sensitive electronics

09-10-2019 | Cortec Corporation | Subs & Systems

Cortec Advanced Films produces the highest quality VpCI films tied too tight quality standards in its onsite QC lab. These films provide one of the simplest methods for corrosion protection of metal components being stored or shipped in uncontrolled environments. The company also protects sensitive electronics in the form of VpCI-125 static dissipative films and bags.

These bags make electronics packaging simple by combining the company's high-quality contact and vapour-phase corrosion protection with ESD protection. All that is required to retain the electronic in 'as new' condition is to place in the bag and close it. This substitutes past complicated methods of the past for applying desiccants and vacuum packaging and is an outstanding way to preserve items. These include ICs, PCB components, telecommunications equipment, electronic and electrical panels, electronic enclosures, and electric car components.

The product releases Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitors that create a monomolecular protective layer on metal substrates within the package and do not interfere with the physical or chemical properties of electronic components. The product does not affect optical properties or plastics employed in the electronics industry.

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