Emitting devices provide multimetal corrosion protection

15-09-2020 | Cortec Corporation | Subs & Systems

Cortec’s longstanding commitment to environmental responsibility offers an expanding portfolio of sustainable products. Its VpCI devices protect metals by conditioning enclosed environments with corrosion inhibiting vapour molecules. These devices do not adversely affect or change the appearance, mechanical integrity, conductivity, or optical functionality of the components protected.

Emitting devices are environmentally responsible, economical and compact. First in line, EcoEmitter is a non-hazardous and highly engineered, biodegradable device developed to offer corrosion protection for most sensitive assets including electronic, optical equipment and components. VpCI’s emit from the device and saturate the enclosure through diffusion, filling all void spaces and recessed areas with protective vapour molecules. EcoEmitter was created with the environment in mind in a concerted step to decrease our carbon footprint. The polymeric cup has been chosen to replace polyethylene and is created from OK Biobased Three Star-rated resins containing 60-80% renewable carbon content. The breathable membrane that emits VpCI is produced from biobased fibres.

The solution is remarkably simple and convenient to install. Just select an enclosed space where corrosion protection would be useful and install the device inside.

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