First ESD self-seal bubble bags for electronic and EV industries

08-11-2022 | Cortec Corporation | Industrial

EcoSonic ESD Self-Seal Bubble Bags powered by Nano VpCI from Cortec Europe combine vapour phase corrosion inhibitors with self-seal cushioning bubble bags and ESD protection to safeguard sensitive electronics from three threats: triboelectric charge generation, corrosion, and physical damage. As well as standard ESD protection that is generally a must-have in the electronics industry, the bags offer corrosion protection to metal components by saturating the enclosed airspace with vapour phase corrosion inhibitors. These create a protective molecular layer on all packaged metals without leaving a noticeable film or residue. Finally, the bubbles provide cushioning, dunnage, and void fill material.

The bubble bags are easy to use. Place the item in the bag, peel off the white strip, and fold the top of the bag over to seal. Metals protected include carbon steel, aluminium, copper, silver, brass, and stainless steel.

The corrosion inhibitors in bags have no adverse effects on plastic (lexan), optics, elastomers, and other non-metallics. They also create no interference with subsequent processing (i.e., welding, cleaning, soldering). After the bag has been used, it can be recycled at facilities that accept #4 recyclable products. Electronic components that may benefit from the ESD and corrosion protection of the bags with cushioning include hard drives, processors, video graphics cards/boards, memory sticks/modules, networking cards/boards, and other circuit boards.

By Seb Springall