New inhibiting film with high post-consumer recycled content

16-02-2023 | Cortec Corporation | Industrial

Cortec has launched a new version of its proprietary VpCI-126 Film Technology. This PCR corrosion-inhibiting film has been created with a high amount of post-consumer recycled content for an efficient recovery, recycling, and reuse of resources to reduce the economy's negative ecological footprint. It incorporates the latest film technology with effective corrosion protection for all metal products. It will help the company's customers fulfil their sustainability goals without compromising quality specifications linked to mechanical and corrosion-inhibiting properties.

Made with a high amount of post-consumer recycled content, the film is the latest addition to the company's palette of environmentally responsible products, contributing to the "circular economy" model by promoting recycling and the reuse of resources. Circular economy aside, it provides outstanding performance, protecting metal parts from all types of corrosion, including stains, tarnish, rust, white rust, and oxidation, for up to five years.

Vapour phase Corrosion Inhibitors in the film evaporate and then condense on metal surfaces inside the package, reaching every area of a part and protecting its exterior and hard-to-reach interior surfaces. The company's customers receive full product protection throughout storage and during domestic and international shipments. The film delivers multi-metal protection to ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The film is heat-sealable and can be utilised with all manual or automated heat-seal packaging equipment. The material is offered in various standard and customised forms, including bags, sheeting-reinforced film, gusseted liners, top-seal and auto bags, bags-on-a-roll, coil covers, perforated sheeting, and tubing to protect small or large parts. The film is offered in various gauges ranging from 50-250 microns (2 to 10 mils) and widths from 76mm-9.7m (3" to 32').


By Seb Springall

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