Recyclable stretch film with multi-metal corrosion inhibitors and ESD protection

01-02-2022 | Cortec Corporation | Subs & Systems

Cortec Laboratories has developed new speciality film for electronics, munitions, fertilisers and several other industrial applications where static discharge may result in dangerous packaging conditions. EcoSonic VpCI Static Dissipative Stretch Film satisfies the anti-static requirements under MIL-PR F-81705 E in the form of a high-performance stretch film with multi-metal corrosion inhibitors and ESD protection. The poor electrical conductivity of plastic film needs special attention in packaging applications where static discharges are unacceptable. Pressure and friction through stretch-wrapping applications will produce static discharges, and these can be quite significant and cannot be dissipated by grounding.

The film provides excellent multi-metal corrosion protection and eliminates regular stretch film static and expensive barrier packaging. With the excellent holding force of the film package, integrity and appearance can be improved. This stretch film is fully recyclable and safe to handle and apply. It does not interfere with electrical, optical, or mechanical surface properties.

The film can be employed on standard manual and automatic stretch wrapping equipment. It is ideal for packaging and unitising of loads in any application that demands the absence of electrical shock. The film provides puncture resistance and load holding, which permits a user to down-gauge, contain aggressive loads, and deliver a better package at a reduced cost.

By Natasha Shek