Secure eID solutions ensure personal identity documents remain secure

NXP Semiconductors has unveiled the JCOP ID 2 secure eID solution, developed to help make personal identity documents more secure while complying with the most recent governmental conditions and supporting future changes. The solution inclu

NXP | 31-08-2023

Anyone can now add new devices to Flasher DSK

The new Flasher Device Support Kit (DSK) supplies everything required to extend the device support of the Flasher in-circuit/in-system production programmers. With the DSK, it is now straightforward to add new or custom devices to the long

Seeger | 30-08-2023

Battery simulator application can generate and simulate multiple battery models

Tektronix, Inc has launched KickStart Software version 2.11.0, including the Battery Simulator Application enhancements. With the ability to support the 2400 Graphical Touchscreen Series SMUs and the 2600B Series SMUs, the Simulator App all

Tektronix | 29-08-2023

High-speed ISP gang programmer with integrated USB connectivity

The Flasher Hub-12 is SEGGER's streamlined solution for high-volume, high-speed gang programming, with USB connectivity incorporated into the new housing. The solution controls up to 12 Flasher Compact devices so that they program simult

Segger | 15-08-2023

Embedded software is now freely available to automotive customers

As part of an ongoing partnership between SEGGER and SemiDrive, SEGGER's Embedded Studio is now free of charge for SemiDrive's customers utilising SemiDrive Cortex-R/M-based microcontrollers. SemiDrive's products are installed in various

Segger | 07-08-2023

Employing Microsoft Visual Studio Code across complete MCU and MPU range

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced that customers can now employ Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to program the complete line of its MCUs and MPUs. The company has added tool extensions for all its embedded processors to the M

Renesas | 03-08-2023

New features to turn test performance into business performance

NI, formerly National Instruments, has revealed a notable upgrade to its flagship product LabVIEW. For nearly 40 years, LabVIEW has been the industry-standard product in data acquisition, instrument control and automation. These latest impr

NI | 02-08-2023

Component libraries on GitHub speed up design process

Würth Elektronik now provides a comprehensive components library for Altium designers on GitHub. The ready-for-use component models and detailed data spare designers the exertion of having to compile models of components themselves for use

Wurth | 31-07-2023

ARM compatibility expands the application possibilities

The new version 3.50 of Softing Industrial's edgeConnector products is now compatible with ARM processors. This greatly extends the application possibilities. The Docker-based software modules of the product family supply access to proce

Softing | 24-07-2023

Stack overflow prevention technology added to Embedded Studio for ARM

The latest release of SEGGER's Embedded Studio for ARM comes with STOP technology, designed by SEGGER to prevent stack overflows reliably. With STOP enabled, the compiler adds a call to a stack limit-check routine wherever required before m

Segger | 23-06-2023

Switch design tool simplifies configuration of LXI microwave switching and relay systems

Pickering Interfaces has released its Microwave Switch Design Tool, a new free online tool for configuring flexible LXI microwave switching products. The dedicated tool will facilitate the configuration of custom LXI RF and microwave switch

Pickering | 22-06-2023

Advanced software-defined signal processing solution for next-gen applications

Analog Devices, Inc has released the Apollo MxFE, the most advanced software-defined, direct RF-sampling, wideband mixed-signal front-end platform. It allows next-generation applications such as phased array radar, electronic surveillance,

Analog Devices | 19-06-2023

New and enhanced features accelerate embedded development

Infineon Technologies AG has released ModusToolbox 3.1 with enhanced capabilities providing developers with more features at their fingertips to create software solutions for their hardware designs. The solution adds a new dashboard appl

Infineon | 16-06-2023

Exploring the intersection of smart-home tech with Matter protocol

Mouser has released the next instalment of their Empowering Innovation Together (EIT) series highlighting the Matter protocol. With this instalment, the company brings together global technology experts from the CSA and industry-leading man

Mouser Electronics | 15-06-2023