First industrial-grade wide-temperature DDR5 memory module

Apacer has broken through the limitations and released the industry's first industrial-grade DDR5 wide-temperature memory module made with ICs sourced directly from high-end manufa

Industrial | 02-11-2023

First industrial DDR5 VLP UDIMM modules offer low power and high performance

Apacer has released the world's first industrial DDR5 VLP UDIMM module. It integrates the advantages of very low-profile dimensions, large capacity, low power consumption and high

Semiconductors | 16-06-2023

First fully lead-free memory module surpasses RoHS environmental protection standard

Apacer stated that it has produced the world's first fully lead-free memory module. It exceeds the requirements of the current EU RoHS environmental protection standard and avoids

Industrial | 05-05-2023

New SSD is a quick way to adopt OOB technology for ESG compliance

Businesses, governments and other organisations worldwide are discovering the benefits of improving ESG compliance in 2023. And in line with this trend, Apacer is bringing customer

Semiconductors | 22-02-2023

Accelerating the implementation of DDR5 industrial memory for AIoT and more

Apacer is launching JEDEC Raw Card Revision 1.0 mass production versions of DDR5 UDIMM, RDIMM, SODIMM, ECC UDIMM and ECC SODIMM industrial memory. As one of the first memory module

Semiconductors | 10-05-2022

Latest industrial PCIe Gen4 x 4 SSD with highest performance specs

5G's rapid deployment spikes demand vast amounts of data storage. Emerging 5G applications, including telemedicine, smart healthcare, and smart poles, demand storage devices that c

Semiconductors | 01-04-2022

3D NAND SSDs provide the highest endurance available

Apacer has taken 3D NAND Flash optimisation to a higher level. It has released SLC-liteX industrial SSDs providing an outstanding 100,000 P/E cycles. That is three to 33 times high

Semiconductors | 17-03-2022

Industrial cards optimised for smart IoT and AI facial recognition

Facial recognition technology is finally coming into its own. Now, smart AI-driven facial recognition technology is common in finance, smart retail, transportation and even healthc

Semiconductors | 13-12-2021

New DDR5 RDIMM industrial DRAM for servers

Apacer has announced the launch of DDR5 RDIMM industrial DRAM modules for servers. This product fully supports next-generation data centre and server applications. It is expected t

Semiconductors | 02-09-2021

Industrial DDR5 SODIMM expands high-bandwidth industrial applications

Following up on its successes in the field of industrial DDR5 UDIMM, Apacer's industrial DDR5 SODIMM is finally available for testing. The power-saving and heat reduction gains wil

Semiconductors | 13-07-2021

Memory module ideal for 5G smart poles and Edge AI

As Edge computing devices move towards further miniaturisation, there is a necessity to overcome the limitations associated with smaller form factors. Consequently, Apacer has expa

Semiconductors | 04-06-2021

Bluetooth 5.1 module provides mesh networking for Massive IoT applications

U-blox has selected Nordic’s nRF52833 Bluetooth LE SoC to power its NINA-B4 stand-alone Bluetooth 5.1 modules. The small (10mm x 15mm x 2.2 mm) Bluetooth LE/Bluetooth 5.1 MCU modul

Semiconductors | 21-05-2021

Anti-sulfuration technology passes highest level of anti-corrosion certification

Apacer has reached another pinnacle in its patented anti-sulfuration technology. The company’s industrial SSDs have passed the industry's highest level ANSI/ISA 71.04 G3 air corros

Subs & Systems | 21-05-2021

Wide-temperature memory modules accelerate the realisation of AIoT

Apacer has announced mass production of a full range of industrial-grade DDR4-3200 wide-temperature memory modules. They utilise Samsung’s original wide-temperature grade chips to

Semiconductors | 19-01-2021