Expanded module lineup of simulating MIMO connections

Anritsu Corporation has introduced a newly developed Butler Matrix 4x4 (0.6GHz to 7.125GHz) MA8114A to expand its Butler Matrix module lineup of simulating MIMO connections. The MA

Industrial | 24-04-2024

Inline power sensor measures accurate peak and true-RMS measurements

Anritsu Company has launched its new inline power sensor MA24103A, which was created to measure accurate Peak and True-RMS average power measurements from 25MHz to 1GHz and 2mW to

Test & Measurement | 23-04-2024

Protocol test solution enhances support for NTN NB-IoT devices for GEO satellites

Anritsu Corporation has extended the functionality of its Signalling Tester MD8430A by introducing a protocol test solution for NTN devices for GEO satellites. As a result of the u

Test & Measurement | 16-04-2024

Companies verify advanced 3TX technology with 5G test station

Anritsu Corporation and MediaTek have verified Advanced 3TX technology featured in MediaTek's M80 5G Modem by using Anritsu's MT8000A all-in-one Radio Communication Test Station, d

Test & Measurement | 26-02-2024

Enhanced solution supports 6GHz band RF test for 5G FR1 devices

Anritsu Corporation has released new NR Licensed 6GHz Band Measurement MX800010A-014 software for its MT8000A Radio Communication Test Station. The system now supports RF tests in

Test & Measurement | 22-02-2024

Enhanced measurement solution provides support for OpenZR+

Anritsu Corporation introduces the 400G (QSFP-DD) multi-rate module MU104014B that supports the new interface standard OpenZR+ as a module of the Network Master Pro MT1040A. OpenZR

Test & Measurement | 09-02-2024

Companies revolutionising spectrum sensing with AI

Anritsu Corporation now enables advanced AI capabilities to solve difficult problems in wireless communications systems using DeepSig's AI ML technology. Radio Spectrum is a valuab

Test & Measurement | 08-02-2024

Companies optimise testing for energy labelling regulation for smartphones and tablets

SmartViser and Anritsu have joined forces to usher in a new era of mobile device testing for energy labelling regulation. This strategic partnership uses SmartViser's expertise in

Test & Measurement | 05-02-2024

Companies expand into NTN with test cases

Skylo Technologies has announced that Anritsu Corporation will enable OEMs and third-party test houses to conduct Skylo-defined testing of NTN devices using Anritsu test platforms.

Test & Measurement | 18-01-2024

Companies support OTA measurements on IEEE 802.11be devices

Anritsu Corporation and EMITE have announced the enhanced functionality of the OTA measurement solution, allowing measuring to comply with the latest Wireless LAN standard IEEE 802

Test & Measurement | 04-01-2024

Innovative 5G vehicle OTA test solution

RanLOS, TOYO Corporation, AeroGT Labs, and Anritsu have announced the availability of the first 5G antenna OTA measurement system engineered with RanLOS' OTA test solution and Anri

Passives | 16-11-2023

Partnership to develop end-to-end capture and playback system for RF signals

Anritsu Company has partnered with AnaPico AG in response to the increasing demand from customers for instruments to capture RF signals of interest over the air and then play them

Test & Measurement | 13-11-2023

WLAN tester enhanced to support Wi-Fi 7 with network mode

With the launch of devices based on the new Wi-Fi 7 communications standard, there is a growing market for test instrumentation to evaluate them. To meet this need, Anritsu Corpora

Test & Measurement | 08-11-2023

New uplink interference measurement identifiers interference in 5G and LTE TDD networks

Anritsu Company announces enhanced functionality to the Field Master spectrum analyser LTE and 5G measurement options. As the rollout and densification of 5G networks accelerates,

Test & Measurement | 18-10-2023