Bi-directional DC-DC converter targets energy storage systems with rechargeable batteries

Designed to allow the user to develop energy storage systems with rechargeable batteries, TDK-Lambda's EZA2500 2500W bi-directional DC-DC converter is now available from Mouser stock. The EZA2500 can change conversion direction at high

Mouser Electronics | 23-06-2015

Rugged high-density 20W DC-DC converters set new standard

Artesyn's new generation AXA series high-performance DC-DC converter modules are now available from Farnell element14. The units set a new standard in power density and are ideal for rugged applications, says the company. The modules

Farnell element14 | 22-06-2015

Three-terminal adjustable shunt regulators offer specified thermal stability

This post is sponsored by Texas Instruments. The Texas Instruments (TI) ATL431 and ATL432 are three-terminal adjustable shunt regulators, with specified thermal stability over applicable automotive, commercial, and industrial temperatu

Texas Instruments | 22-06-2015

Ultra-compact high-efficiency 500W switch mode power supply now

Availability of the AQF500 series of ultra-compact high-efficiency 500W switch mode power supplies with Active PFC has been announced by Stadium Power. The single-output power supplies offer high power density up to 26W per cubic inch

Stadium | 22-06-2015

Positive linear voltage regulator for the most demanding humid applications

Datel has introduced the LVR-7815 series of linear voltage regulators that can deliver over 0.5A. The LVR-7815 is housed in a hermetically sealed ceramic package that makes it impervious to humidity and the ideal choice to be used in applic

Datel | 22-06-2015

High-performance automotive-grade silicon controlled rectifier

Suitable for automotive, renewable energy inverters, industrial and other demanding applications, STMicroelectronics TN5050H-12WY automotive-grade silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is now available from Mouser. Available in a TO-247 h

Mouser Electronics | 19-06-2015

New 20V chipscale MOSFET in 0.8mm x 0.8mm package saves space and power for mobiles

Vishay has introduced a new TrenchFET 20V n-channel MOSFET in the chipscale MICRO FOOT 0.8mm x 0.8mm package with an ultra-low profile of just 0.357mm. Designed to save space, decrease power consumption, and extend battery usage in smart

Vishay | 19-06-2015

Highest-voltage power MOSFETs suit parallel device operation

Now available from Mouser, IXYS 2000V high-voltage power MOSFETs are the highest voltage products of their type in the industry in international standard size packages, says the company. With current ratings from 0.6A to 3A, the device

Mouser Electronics | 18-06-2015

High junction temperature high-voltage power Schottky rectifier

Suitable for high-temperature applications, STMicoelectronic's STPS10150CG-TR 150V 10A D2PAK Schottky diode is now available from RS Components. The high-voltage power Schottky rectifier features a hIgh junction temperature capability

RS Components | 18-06-2015

High-efficiency 42V dual synchronous monolithic step-down switching regulator

The Linear Technology LT8616 high-efficiency high-speed 42V dual synchronous monolithic step-down switching regulator is now available from Farnell element14. The low-power device consumes only 6.5µA of quiescent current with both chann

Farnell element14 | 18-06-2015

Synchronous regulators designed to take advantage of new battery chemistries

Designed to allow systems to take advantage of new battery chemistries, Fairchild FAN48623 synchronous TinyBoost regulators are now stocked by Mouser. The devices can supply significant energy when the battery voltage is lower than th

Mouser Electronics | 17-06-2015

Compact power management unit targets Bluetooth headsets and other portables

This post is sponsored by Texas Instruments. New from Texas Instruments, the TPS65720 is a small power management unit aimed at Bluetooth headsets and other portable low-power consumer end products. The device contains a USB-friendl

Texas Instruments | 17-06-2015

Supercapacitor charger features bi-directional operation for fast charging and back-up

New from Linear Technology, the LTC3110 is a bi-directional, programmable input current buck-boost supercapacitor charger with active charge balancing for 1- or 2-series supercapacitors. The proprietary low-noise buck-boost topology does th

Linear | 17-06-2015

Dual high-voltage high current op-amp integrates protection features

This post is sponsored by Texas Instruments. The Texas Instruments (TI) ALM2402-Q1 is a dual high-voltage high-current op-amp with optimised protection features for driving low impedances and/or high ESR capacitive loads. ALM2402-Q1 op

Texas Instruments | 16-06-2015