High-efficiency encapsulated switched-mode power supply solutions

16-02-2016 | JPR Electronics | Power

JPR Electronics now stocks the Myrra 47000 series of encapsulated
switched-mode power supplies (SMPS). The 47000 series provides an
alternative solution to conventional power supplies and transformers used in
many low power applications.

With over 30 fully-certified standard models available, the Myrra 47000
series provides both cost-effective and fast time to market power solutions.
Available in 2.5W, 5W, 7.5W and 10W versions and having the same footprint
as industry-standard PCB-mounting EI30, EI38 and EI48 transformer types
allows end products to be updated without redesign of the original PCB..

Principle benefits to designers include single and dual output versions
available over the range 3.3 to 24VDC, wide input voltage range 85-265 VAC
and 85-370 VDC, the same footprint as industry standard PCB mounted EI
transformers with some three times the output power. Greater efficiency,
typically 70%, than conventional transformers and low standby power

Main features include UL and VDE certified, universal input voltage, low
standby power consumption meeting requirements of Energy Star and EC code of
conduct, Class II - reinforced insulation, input/output isolation test
voltage 4000VAC, input protection by integrated fusible resistor / fuse,
output short circuit protection with automatic restart when fault condition
is removed, and thermal shutdown with automatic recovery if internal
temperature exceeds the allowable value.

Commenting, Paul Raynor, director, JPR Electronics, said: "With the same
footprint as a transformer the Myrra 47000 series of encapsulated power
supplies can replace a number of discrete components in a design including
the transformer, fuse, bridge rectifier and filter capacitor while regulated
models will also replace a linear regulator and heat sink. These power
supplies offer a plug and play replacement for updating existing products
and a more efficient and cost effective solution for new products"

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