Custom MMIC

New ultra-wideband GaAs distributed driver amplifier easing broadband designs

Custom MMIC has just released the CMD292, a new wideband Distributed Driver Amplifier MMIC. CMD292 delivers 13dB of gain with a corresponding output 1dB compression point of +2

Products | 04-12-2018

New driver amplifier operates from 16GHz to 24GHz with high gain and high linearity

Custom MMIC has released the CMD291, a new wideband Driver Amplifier MMIC. The amplifier is a wideband GaAs MMIC driver amplifier die which runs from 16GHz to 24GHz. The device pr

Products | 21-11-2018

GaN low noise amplifier gives low noise figure performance

The CMD290 from Custom MMIC is a wideband GaN MMIC distributed low noise amplifier die which runs from 2GHz to 26GHz. The broadband device is perfectly suited for applications need

Products | 01-11-2018

Expanded portfolio features new low noise amplifier and phase shifter MMICs

Custom MMIC continues to add to its range of LNA and Phase Shifter MMIC portfolio with the CMD270P3 and CMD174. The CMD270P3 is a C Band, 4GHz-8GHz low noise amplifier housed i

Products | 30-07-2018

New MMIC switches for high-performance defence and instrumentation applications

Custom MMIC continues to rapidly add to its extensive family of MMIC Switches; with two new GaAs MMIC switches, the non-reflective CMD235C4 and CMD236C4. The CMD235C4 is a DC-1

Products | 18-04-2018

Versatile GaN MMIC low noise amplifiers added to extensive portfolio

Custom MMIC, a leading developer of performance-driven MMICs, continues to rapidly add to its extensive GaAs and GaN MMIC portfolio. Three new unique GaN LNAs are now fully release

Products | 09-03-2018

New mixers offer low conversion loss and high LO to RF isolation

Custom MMIC has a new series of high-performance IP3 fundamental mixers, CMD253C3, CMD254C3, and CMD255C3. This new series of mixers features overlapping RF/LO frequencies spanning

Products | 10-11-2017

Versatile GaAs MMIC mixers help increase dynamic range of radar and RF communication applications

Custom MMIC has announced three new GaAs MMIC mixers for C-band, X-band, K-band, and Ka-band applications. The CMD251C3 fundamental mixer, CMD252C4 I/Q mixer, and CMD180 fundam

Products | 09-10-2017

Ultrawideband low noise amplifier now offered in plastic 4x4 QFN package

Custom MMIC has announced the CMD241P4, a packaged version of its popular CMD241 ultra-wideband GaAs MMIC distributed low noise amplifier. The wideband operation, low noise figure,

Products | 21-07-2017

Broadband passive frequency doubler offers excellent fundamental isolation

Custom MMIC has announced a new edition to their growing line of high performance MMIC doublers, the CMD226N3 broadband frequency doubler. The doubler covers an input frequency of

Products | 18-07-2017

Two new broadband GaAs MMIC mixers with ultra low conversion loss

Custom MMIC has added two new low loss, high linearity and high isolation MMIC mixers to their growing family of fundamental, IQ, and IRM mixers. The CMD181 and CMD261 are both gen

Products | 14-06-2017

Passive GaN mixers hit a new benchmark of linearity

Custom MMIC has a new technical brief illuminating their progress with reaching incredible limits of linearity with passive MMIC mixers using GaN Technology. Over the past year


New distributed amplifiers offer unique positive gain slope

Custom MMIC has added two unique distributed amplifiers to their performance leading standard product line. The company continues its focus on offering value-added MMIC solutions f

Products | 16-02-2017

Breakthrough GaAs MMIC wideband amplifier family delivers extremely low phase noise

Custom MMIC has added new category to their rapidly expanding standard product offerings. The company’s new GaAs MMIC Low Phase Noise Amplifier family offers previously unattained

Products | 23-01-2017