Power supply has adjustable ‘near to zero’ output voltage and current for cooling apps

Powerbox has released the 1200W rated OFI1200A AC/DC power supply for industrial applications. Optimised for conduction cooling, the device provides high-performance levels across

Power | 01-04-2022

High-efficiency converter for light-rail and industrial applications

Powerbox has launched its new high-efficiency 750VDC input DC-DC converter for light-rail and industrial applications. The switching stage of the new PRBX ENR500D is based on an en

Power | 29-10-2020

High peak load power supply for medical laser applications

Powerbox has released its new power supply solution for high peak load applications in the medical area. Based on digital control and high energy storage management techniques, the

Power | 03-02-2020

Power supply for immerged computing applications

Powerbox has released its ‘industry-first’ power supply solution for immerged applications such as hyper loaded computing machines. The OFI600A12 is claimed to be the first commerc

Power | 15-11-2019

New models of DC-DC converters feature 2xMOPP medical approvals

Powerbox has launched three new series of 15W, 20W and 30W board mount DC-DC converters for demanding medical application, featuring 105 models. The PMM15, PMM20 and PMM30 are cert

Power | 29-05-2019

Technology delivers peak power and safety to industrial and medical applications

Powerbox has introduced its supercapacitor boost technology, S-CAP BOOST, providing backup and peak power solutions to industrial and medical applications. Based on the latest supe

Products | 15-06-2018

Medical power supply delivers power and safety to healthcare facilities at altitude

Powerbox has launched a new series of power supplies for medical applications requiring BF (Body Floating) class insulation and full, stable operation up to 5,000m altitude to powe

Products | 15-12-2017

Advanced marine power supply and platform for immersed computers

Powerbox has announced the launch of its second generation of power supplies dedicated for Marine applications and demanding industrial systems. Responding to a demand from Marine

Products | 31-10-2017

Coreless power solution reduces time to market in demanding applications

Powerbox has released its new coreless technology platform to power medical and industrial equipment operating in very high magnetic field environments such as magnetic resonance i

Products | 12-10-2017

Battery backup unit system reduces railway modernization times

Powerbox has launched its second generation Battery Backup Unit System (BBU-S) to support the modernization of railway networks and industrial applications that require flexible po

Products | 27-09-2017

New range of high input voltage DC-DC converters for microgrids and datacenters

Powerbox has a new range of high-voltage input DC-DC converters for microgrid, datacenters and industrial applications. Part of its industrial line, the new series of HVDC-DC conve

Products | 18-08-2017

High reliability power solution for subsea applications

Powerbox has announced a new technology platform to power industrial applications requiring high reliability and resilience in extreme environments. Designed to power subsea equipm

Products | 20-06-2017

New encapsulated power supply is ready for industrial system integration

Powerbox has introduced a 100W encapsulated AC/DC power supply, ready for industrial systems integration. Aimed at compact industrial systems applications with limited space, the E

Products | 25-04-2017

Rugged power modules are ideal for harsh environments in industrial automotive applications

Powerbox has introduced a 400W DC-DC converter for use in industrial automotive applications in extreme environments. Designed for free air convection cooling, the ENA400-M is pack

Products | 24-03-2017