New eFuse reference design product available now

DigiKey has announced that the EFUSE-48V100A reference design product from Vishay is now available for global purchase from the company. The new eFuse features TrenchFET MOSFETs an

Power | 04-01-2024

Gyro sensors ideal for applications that require precise measurement

Tronics’ highly advanced MEMS Gyro sensors and GYPRO evaluation boards now are available worldwide from Digi-Key as the result of a new distribution agreement between the two compa


Custom-made photodetectors specifically designed and optimized to meet customer specifications

Marktech Optoelectronics has teamed up with Digi-Key to offer the ability to obtain custom-made photodetectors specifically designed and optimized to meet customer specifications.

Products | 13-04-2017

Wireless, batteryless pushbutton switches feature energy harvesting design

Available now from Digi-Key, steute Wireless' industrial controls offer a comprehensive line of wireless, batteryless pushbutton switches.   These wireless pushbutton sw

Products | 20-03-2017

New series of thyristors protect SLIC interfaces from surges and power faults

Available now from Digi-Key, Littelfuse has introduced two series of SIDACtor protection thyristors designed to protect SLIC interfaces against lightning-induced surges and power f

Products | 17-03-2017

Terminal blocks have three convenient spring-lever options to suit a variety of needs

Digi-Key offer a connector to fit in the tightest of spaces, that redefines wiring convenience, that combines space savings and convenience. The Phoenix Contact's SPTAF 1 connector

Products | 16-03-2017

New gas discharge tubes protect against overvoltage transients

Littelfuse introduces their SH series gas discharge tubes (GDTs), the smallest (5mm x 5mm x 4.2mm) squared GDT with a 5kA surge capability and a

Products | 15-03-2017

Contact socket assemblies and flat cables offer combination of unique configurations

Digi-Key is expanding its extensive 3M value added-assembly program with ready-to-install IDC assemblies constructed with the 158 socket series, a 2mm pitch connector system, and t

Products | 14-03-2017

D-Sub rack and panel connectors for applications requiring reliable and rugged connectors

Available now from Digi-Key, Amphenol Commercial Products’ line of D-sub rack and panel connectors are part of an industry standard for applications requiring reliable, rugged conn

Products | 13-03-2017

Click board with full memory write protect supports up to two devices on single two-wire bus

MikroElektronica's EEPROM 3 click carries Atmel’s AT24CM02 DIP-8 socket EEPROM chip with 256KB of memory and is available now from Digi-Key. The chip has byte and page write speeds

Distributors | 10-03-2017

Multifunction metering ICs offer high accuracy over large variations in environmental conditions and time

Stocked by Digi-Key, ADI’s ADE77531 features proprietary ADCs and DSP for high accuracy over large variations in environmental conditions and time. The device incorporates two seco

Products | 09-03-2017

Smart, high-side power switch ideal for capacitive loads in halogen bulbs and LED modules

Infineon Technologies' BTS7008-2EPA is a 12V, smart, high-side power switch. The device is available now from Digi-Key. It is in the company’s PROFET+2 family of single, dual and q

Products | 08-03-2017

Digi-Key – Development and accessories ideal for rapid prototyping and robotics

DFRobot’s extensive offering of easy-to-use development and prototyping products and accessories are available for immediate shipment through Digi-Key as part of a new distribution

Design Applications | 07-03-2017

High-voltage, dual-channel, isolated gate-driver for power conversion applications

IXYS Corporation has launched a 10A/4000V, dual-channel, isolated gate-driver, the IXIDM1401_1505_O, available now from Digi-Key. Built using the IX6610 and IX6611 gate-driver chip

Products | 06-03-2017