Innovative DC-DC converter brings power revolution to embedded systems

This non-isolated DC-DC converter series is a versatile and highly efficient solution tailored for various embedded system applications. The TOS06-05SM is a premier model in TRACO Power's TOS06SM series, designed to provide excellent perfor

WIN SOURCE | 21-06-2024

Advanced field-grade three-phase programmable high output voltage power supply

SynQor, Inc. has unveiled the MPPS-4000-270, a compact, lightweight, high-output voltage programmable power supply designed for defence field use. The device can accept a three-phase input ranging from 360-528VrmsL-L and can deliver an outp

SynQor | 21-06-2024

High-efficiency and fast charging IC for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries

HMI has launched its HL7137, a cutting-edge dual-phase 7.5A, 34W direct charger IC with 2:1 CP (charge pump) designed especially for Li-Ion and Li-Polymer batteries used in smartphones, tablet computing, and mobile IoT devices. The devic

HMI | 21-06-2024

Innovative power supplies with EtherCAT interface are now available

PULS now provides three new DIN rail power supplies with 240W and 480W output power and an integrated EtherCAT interface from stock. The new power supplies with EtherCAT interface allow efficient and time-saving configuration, operation

Puls GmbH | 20-06-2024

Bi-directional DC converter now available for diverse test applications

Intepro Systems offers the availability of Cinergia’s B2C+ Bi-Directional DC Converter, revolutionising DC Test Platform Efficiency and Flexibility. This advanced converter provides unmatched efficiency, multichannel flexibility and high-re

Intepro | 19-06-2024

The ultimate low-profile power supply for industrial applications

FORTEC UK has introduced the new HFA3500TF from Cosel, an innovative low-profile three-phase, 3500W AC/DC enclosed power supply developed specifically for demanding industrial applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, laser processi

FORTEC United Kingdom | 19-06-2024

MOSFETs improve on-state resistance and switching efficiency in automotive applications

Infineon Technologies AG is extending its portfolio of next-generation OptiMOS 7 MOSFETs for automotive applications: the portfolio of 40V products now includes further devices in robust, lead-free packages. In addition, 80V and 100V OptiMO

Infineon | 18-06-2024

Revised reference book on wireless power transmission expanded

The reference book 'Trilogy of Wireless Power Transfer' by Würth Elektronik is now offered in a revised second edition. The practice-oriented reference book comprises three parts: Basic Principles of Wireless Power Transmission, Wireless Po

Wurth | 18-06-2024

Three-phase EMC filters designed for motor and power drive systems

EMIS offers a range of three-phase, dual-stage EMC filters designed for motor and power drive systems. The TMF3221/TMF3222 family can deliver superior attenuation performance and suppress conducted noise even when high interference levels a

EMIS | 18-06-2024

New 2-in-1 SiC MOSFET moulded module significantly reduces the size of xEV inverters

ROHM has developed four models as part of the TRCDRIVE pack series with 2-in-1 SiC moulded modules (two 750V-rated: BSTxxxD08P4A1x4, two 1,200V-rated: BSTxxxD12P4A1x1) optimised for xEV traction inverters. The TRCDRIVE pack supports up to 3

ROHM Semiconductor | 17-06-2024

New ICeGaN GaN power ICs facilitate the highest efficiency levels

Cambridge GaN Devices has launched its lowest-ever on-resistance (RDS(on)) parts, engineered with a new die and new packages to provide the benefits of GaN to high-power applications such as data centres, inverters, motor drives, and other

Cambridge GaN Devices | 17-06-2024

BLDC motor hardware-software combo slashes inverter sleep-mode consumption

Power Integrations has enhanced its hardware-software bundle for BLDC with BridgeSwitch-2, a new high-voltage integrated half-bridge (IHB) motor-driver IC family targeting applications up to 1HP (746W). The new ICs, which feature high- and

Power Integrations | 17-06-2024

SiC diodes portfolio now addresses automotive and wider industrial applications

Nexperia has announced that its class-leading 650V, 10A SiC Schottky diode is now automotive qualified (PSC1065H-Q) and offered in real-two-pin (R2P) DPAK (TO-252-2) packaging, making it suited to various applications in EVs and other autom

Nexperia | 17-06-2024

Expanded surface mount and module package options for 1200V aSiC MOSFETs

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has expanded its package portfolio options available for their second generation 650V to 1200V aSiC MOSFETs. Applicable to many critical applications such as xEV charging, solar inverters, and industria

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor | 14-06-2024

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