DC-DC UPS powered from a standard AC/DC power adaptor

The Powersolve PMU68W is a DC-DC Uninterruptible Power Supply powered from a standard 30W AC/DC Power Adaptor to offer backup power during AC power outages. Applications include wi

Power | 11-08-2022

USB hubs can charge and sync up to 20 USB devices simultaneously

Powersolve offers two USB charging hubs intended to charge and sync up to 20 USB devices at the same time. This includes iPhones, iPads, tablet PCs, smartphones or any USB complian

Products | 06-12-2018

Online double conversion UPS series provides up to 3000VA

Powersolve has released the PGR Series of online double conversion AC-AC UPS designed to provide up to 3000VA. The units can work from a very wide AC input range (with PFC) and mod

Products | 23-10-2018

Hot-swap compact power supplies ideal for a wide variety of applications

Powersolve’s new GFR1K5 series power supplies are 1U high, AC/DC single output units developed to provide up to 1500W. Operating from a wide 85VAC to 264VAC input voltage, there ar

Products | 03-10-2018

Compact charger for Li-ion battery packs

Powersolve has extended its battery charger range with the launch of a compact charger created specifically for 36V, 10 cell Li-on battery packs. These batteries are being extensiv

Products | 01-10-2018

Compact single output power supplies provide up to 300W

Powersolve has announced a new series of compact, single output AC/DC power supplies designed to offer as much as 300W output. They have a broad operating temperature range of -30C

Products | 05-09-2018

Pure sine wave output UPS series offers environmentally-friendly design

Powersolve’s PBT Series of UPS provide a pure sine wave output and are based on a microprocessor-based line interactive design. These new models are generator-compatible and includ

Products | 10-07-2018

Powersolve – New programmable power supplies are versatile, efficient and scalable

Powersolve has a new 3000W programmable power supply series that can be 2U or 3U rack-mounted or wall-mounted to offer a versatile solution where high precision and efficiency are

Products | 27-06-2018

DC-DC car adaptor provides up to 60W

Powersolve has released a 12V to 24V input, DC-DC car adaptor series which gives 60W. The eight models in the series present output voltages from 12VDC to 24VDC. The VDN60 is f

Products | 19-06-2018

Universal smart charger offers auto-detection of NiMH/NiCD batteries

Powersolve has released a smart charger for NiMH and NiCD batteries. The PSCH30 will auto detect and charge eight to 15 NiMH or NiCD cells in series and can charge them at the righ

Products | 16-05-2018

Rack mount UPS series provide constant DC power without interruption

Powersolve has released the PFD Series, a 'no break' power system developed to provide constant DC power without interruption. These are 1U, 19in rack mount units designed to provi

Products | 01-05-2018

Encapsulated AC/DC converters provide up to 36W and protect to IP67

Powersolve has three new series of plastic encapsulated AC/DC converters offering protection to IP67 and are, therefore, ideal for use where the ingress of dust and liquid must be

Products | 29-03-2018

Programmable power supply features a constant power bi-directional output

Powersolve has a power supply that provides up to 15kW from a compact 3U high unit. The SM500-CP-50 offers a constant power, bi-directional output and some features created to give

Products | 21-03-2018

Rugged DIN-rail power supplies are shock and vibration proof

Powersolve has released the TSP Series of single output 72W to 600W DIN-rail power supplies intended for use in an extensive variety of applications, particularly those hazardous a

Products | 20-03-2018