Ultra-high-efficiency AC/DC ZVS flyback architecture unveiled

Eggtronic has unveiled a new addition to its 'QuarEgg' ZVS Flyback family of high-density power conversion solutions. This ultra-high-efficiency architecture increases the power ou

Power | 03-04-2024

Innovative high-performance flyback architecture reduces low-power AC/DC losses

Eggtronic has extended its family of high-density power conversion solutions by releasing an ultra-high-efficiency, low component count fixed-output AC/DC converter reference desig

Power | 29-11-2023

Partnership delivers platform for developing GaN-based ZVS fast chargers

Eggtronic and Navitas Semiconductor offers a QuarEgg evaluation board to speed the development and implementation of industry’s most-efficient and highest-power-density fast-charge

Design & Manufacture | 16-05-2022

AC/DC and wireless technologies significantly reducing energy consumption

Visitors to the Eggtronic booth at PCIM 2022 will see innovative new power control and conversion architectures that enhance the efficiency and performance of AC/DC and wireless po

Power | 26-04-2022

Demo board simplifies design of small and efficient adapters and chargers

Eggtronic has announced an AC/DC demo and development board to speed the design, prototyping and implementation of high-efficiency, high-performance, ultra-compact power converters

Development Boards | 07-02-2022