Development kit offers improved driver performance and enhanced reliability

20-09-2022 | Mouser Electronics | Development Boards

NXP Semiconductors TEA6017DK1005 Development Kit, available now from Mouser, provides the equivalent of the TEA2017AAT with improved driver performance, ESD performance, and enhanced reliability. The TEA6017AT Digital Configurable LLC and Multimode PFC Controller implement the LLC and PFC controller functionality needed for high-efficiency resonant power supplies. The PFC operates in DCM/QR, CCM fixed frequency, or multimode, which supports all operating modes to optimise the PFC efficiency.

The development kit includes a socket board for programming development samples in combination with the RDK01DB1563 I2C interface.

The kit features the PFC + LLC controller in an SO16 package, with integrated drivers and a level shifter. The kit provides high efficiency from low load to high load with DCM/QR/CCM mode PFC controller, offering excellent PF and THD performance. It is digitally configurable with integrated X-capacitor discharge, PFC frequency jitter, and an industrial profile.


By Seb Springall

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