Data Centre

Intelligent locking solutions for data centres

EMKA focuses on data centres that need to secure their server racks against unwanted access to an extraordinary degree, often demanding a maximum of physical security. To secure these server rack doors, a mixture of electromechanical han

Emka | 13-04-2021

New memory solutions for data centre networking applications

SMART Modular Technologies has expanded its support for data centre networking applications with the introduction of DuraMemory high-density, very low profile DIMMs and Mini-DIMMs for hyperscale network switching. These products are excelle

Smart Modular Technologies | 09-04-2021

Titanium efficiency power supply for OCP, CORD and datacentres

Bel Power Solutions has released the TET4000-48-069RAH, a 4000W power supply intended to produce the highest efficiency power conversion for data centres being constructed to OCP, ODCC or CORD standards. The device is the highest power 48VD

Bel Power | 18-02-2021

Titanium efficiency power supply for OCP and datacentres

Bel Power Solutions has expanded its portfolio to include the TET3200-12-069RA, a 3200W Titanium efficient AC/DC front-end power supply that can convert up to 277VAC into a main output of 12VDC for powering intermediate bus architectures in

Bel Power | 10-02-2021

Cages connectors and cable assemblies for next-gen data centres

TE Connectivity's QSFP-DD cages, connectors and cable assemblies, available now from RS Components, address next-generation data centre demands by increasing density in an existing QSFP form factor to reach speeds up to 400Gbps. These produ

RS Components | 02-02-2021

Power supplies offer titanium efficiency for datacentre and ICT applications

Bel Power Solutions now offers the TET1500 Series power supply for routers, servers, network switches and other high availability applications including storage appliances. This titanium efficiency 1500W power supply converts standard AC or

Bel Power | 10-12-2020

Quarter brick isolated DC-DC converter meets demands of energy-conscious data centres

Flex Power Modules has introduced two variants of the new BMR491 series. Targeting deployment in next-generation data centres aiming to satisfy increasingly stringent efficiency benchmarks, these advanced converters incorporate versions tha

Flex Power Module | 20-10-2020

Smart storage includes an open-source toolkit for managing data centre storage

Public and private cloud infrastructure suppliers are utilising open-source tools to simplify the configuration, deployment and management of their server storage platforms. Until now, companies were confronted with the difficulty of creati

Microchip Technology | 11-10-2019

Serial memory controller for high-performance data centre computing

Microchip Technology has announced an expanded data centre portfolio and its entrance into the memory infrastructure market with what is claimed to be the industry’s first commercially available serial memory controller. The SMC 1000 8x25G

Microchip Technology | 07-08-2019

µModule regulator help reduce data centre infrastructure cooling needs

The Power by Linear LTM4700 µModule regulator from Analog Devices is a step-down switching mode regulator combining very high power with energy-efficient performance to aid in reducing data centre infrastructure cooling demands. The regu

Analog Devices | 19-07-2019

Expanded SSD portfolio targets cloud data centres

Toshiba Memory Europe has announced its XD5 Series NVMe SSD platform in a 2.5", 7mm low-profile form factor that is optimised for low-latency and performance consistency in read-intensive workloads. Created for both data centre and cloud en

Toshiba | 18-03-2019

Revolutionary Edge data centre switching

Marvell has announced a breakthrough Ethernet switch solution portfolio, ranging from 2Tbps to 12.8Tbps, created for edge and private data centres utilising composable infrastructure. The Marvell Prestera CX 8500 family is architected with

Marvell | 14-03-2019

Connectors support 400GbE data centre applications

Mouser is now supplying OSFP input/output (I/O) connectors from TE Connectivity. The company's next-generation OSFP connectors are created for maximum thermal and electrical performance in data centre applications. These OSFP connectors pro

Mouser Electronics | 21-01-2019

Next-generation technology paves the way for new data centre standards

Molex is supporting the Open19 Foundation initiative, which intends to build a new open standard for data centre servers. Open19 defines a common form factor for servers, top-of-rack switches and power shelves with an internal base cage tha

Molex | 20-08-2018