Data Centre

New smart memory controllers for data centre computing

Microchip Technology Inc has expanded its serial-attached memory controller portfolio with the new SMC 2000 series of Compute Express Link (CXL) based Smart Memory Controllers that allow CPUs, GPUs and SoCs to utilise CXL interfaces to conn

Microchip Technology | 04-08-2022

Addressing challenging data centre and enterprise storage applications

Silicon Motion Technology Corporation has launched MonTitan, a PCIe Gen5 SSD solution platform ideal for the most challenging datacentre and enterprise applications. Its new platform provides an entirely new, purpose-built ASIC and FW ar

Silicon Motion | 01-08-2022

Three-phase sensorless BLDC gate driver portfolio for data centre cooling systems

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc has expanded its portfolio of three-phase sensorless BLDC gate drivers. Its most recent offerings, the A89332 and A89332-1, are developed to satisfy the evolving demands of cooling systems in today's data centres d

Allegro | 06-06-2022

New EMC filter series for robotics and datacentres

Schaffner has released the new FN2500/FN2640 – EMC filter series for robotics and datacentres. The new filters have been created to satisfy the specific needs of these two important and growing markets. These markets have technical necessit

Schaffner EMV AG | 31-05-2022

IEC connector strip-blocks designed for data centre power distribution

Schurter has launched its new 4750 series IEC strip-block, IEC connectors Type F, to meet data centres' highly specific power distribution demands. The strips offer many features, including the number of outlets in a strip, lighting possibi

Schurter | 05-05-2022

First monolithic 100G optical I/O cores for next-generation data centres

Ranovus Inc offers its protocol-agnostic Odin 100G optical I/O cores based on GF Fotonix, GlobalFoundries’ recently announced next-generation, widely disruptive, monolithic platform. GF Fotonix is the first in the industry to combine its di

Ranovus | 11-03-2022

Upgrade for a complete data centre support solution

Anritsu Corporation has announced that the Network Master Pro 1040A now supports tests of 400GBASE-ZR standard optical modules facilitating low-cost data centre interconnects (DCI). In addition, it has also developed the optional Ethernet 4

Anritsu | 09-03-2022

Most advanced and reliable 176-layer NAND data centre SSD

Micron Technology, Inc. is sampling the world's first vertically-integrated 176-layer NAND SSD for the data centre. The Micron 7450 SSD with NVMe delivers quality-of-service QoS latency at or below 2ms, a wide capacity range and the broades

Micron | 07-03-2022

Low ohmic and fast body diode optimised for hyperscale datacentre power and more

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has released a 600V Low Ohmic and Fast Body Diode αMOS5 Super Junction MOSFETs Family. αMOS5 is its latest generation of high voltage MOSFET, intended to satisfy the high efficiency and high-density req

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor | 14-12-2021

SSDs are now available for hyperscale data centres

KIOXIA Europe GmbH now offers production-ready availability of its 9.5mm XD6 Series Enterprise and Datacenter Standard Form Factor (EDSFF) E1.S data centre class SSDs. Launched in late 2020, the drives were the first EDSFF E1.S SSDs to sati

Kioxia | 17-11-2021

Data centre SSDs optimised for density and efficiency

KIOXIA Europe GmbH offers what it claims to be the industry’s first line-up of Enterprise and Data Center Standard Form Factor (EDSFF) E3.S SSDs designed with PCIe 5.0 technology. The new KIOXIA CD7 E3.S Series delivers a new era to flash m

Kioxia | 15-11-2021

SSD delivers PCIe Gen4 performance for data centres

Micron Technology has released the Micron 7400 SSD with NVMe, providing industry-leading form factor flexibility, PCIe Gen4 performance, and leading-edge security to satisfy the storage needs of demanding data centre workloads. With this po

Micron | 15-10-2021

Data centre lock demonstration kit for exploration and evaluation

In many cases, there is no real choice to a physical, hands-on demonstration or test run. The innovative EMKA Biolock system for server racking is one example – so to facilitate interested data centre security engineers to see for themselve

Emka | 25-08-2021

Second-generation direct conversion DC-DC converter for data centres

Flex Power Modules offers the BMR482, its second generation of direct conversion isolated DC-DC converter. By converting directly from a 48V supply to the load voltage without an intermediate stage, the device offers increased efficiency in

Flex Power Module | 15-06-2021