Exceptional robustness and high-reliability SiC Schottky diode

16-11-2023 | Rutronik | Semiconductors

Rutronik's diode range is now extended by the third-generation 650V SiC diodes in MPS design and 4A-40A from Vishay. They score with exceptional resistance to current surges and better efficiency due to lower forward voltage and low capacitive load. At the same time, they operate highly reliably and have passed an HTRB test of 2000 hours and a temperature cycling test of 2000 thermal cycles. This corresponds to twice the number of test hours and cycles of the AEC-Q101 requirements. Typical applications are switching power supplies and AC/DC PFC and DC-DC ultra-high frequency output rectification in FBPS and LLC converters for power generation and research applications. The diodes are offered in TO-220AC 2L and TO-247AD 3L through-hole packages and D2PAK 2L (TO-263AB 2L) surface mount packages.

Compared to silicon diodes with comparable breakdown voltage, SiC devices deliver higher thermal conductivity, lower reverse current, and shorter reverse recovery times, which are also almost independent of temperature. This allows operation at temperatures of up to +175C without a shift in power efficiency caused by switching losses.

The MPS design provides excellent robustness against power surges and is highly efficient with very low forward voltage drop of up to 1.46V, low capacitive charge of up to 12nC, and low reverse leakage current of up to 1.3µA. Created for high performance and ruggedness, the diodes meet MSL-1 according to J-STD-020 with a maximum peak temperature of +245°C – predestined for high-speed hard switching and reliable operation over a wide temperature range. The diodes are halogen-free and RoHS-compliant.

Typical application examples include AC/DC PFC and DC/DC ultra-high frequency output rectification in FBPS and LLC converters for server, telecommunication equipment, UPS, and solar inverters.

By Seb Springall