Flex Power Module

150W DC-DC delivers 10:1 input range and extended hold-up feature

Flex Power Modules launched its PKM7200W series of DC-DC converters with an ultra-wide input range of 16-160V (185V/1 sec), ideal for worldwide rail applications. In a case size of

Power | 11-12-2023

Quarter brick baseplate-cooled DC-DC added to portfolio

Flex Power Modules has added a quarter-brick, baseplate-cooled DC-DC to its product line-up featuring an ultra-wide 9-75VDC input range (100V/100ms). The PKM8100A delivers 100W at

Power | 15-11-2023

200W half-brick DC-DC provide 8:1 input range

Flex Power Modules expands its range of industrial DC-DC converters with the release of an ultra-wide input part covering 9-75VDC (80V/1s) with a selection of fully regulated outpu

Power | 25-10-2023

DC-DC converter packs 60W into a 2x1 package

Flex Power Modules has released the PKE3600A range of DC-DC converters, delivering up to 60W from an industry-standard 50.8mm x 25.4mm x 11.9mm (2" x 1" x 0.47") through-pin packag

Power | 16-10-2023

Ultra-small digital non-isolated IBC provides 4:1 conversion ratio

Flex Power Modules has released its BMR314 product, a non-isolated DC-DC converter featuring a fixed 4:1 down-conversion ratio for intermediate bus applications. The highly power-d

Power | 05-10-2023

1/16th brick DC-DC provides 300W at high efficiency

Flex Power Modules has released its PKU4317D series of DC-DC converters in an industry-standard, low profile, 1/16th brick format, 33.02mm x 22.86mm x 11.3mm. The part operates ove

Power | 11-09-2023

Integrated VRM power stage provides up to 140A peak

Flex Power Modules release its new BMR511, a two-phase power stage for VRM solutions. With a footprint of only 0.9cm2/0.14in2 and a height of 8mm/0.31in, the halogen-free device is

Power | 19-07-2023

Quarter brick DC-DC converter takes power densities to new levels

Flex Power Modules has introduced a new device to its range of quarter brick non-isolated DC-DC converters that take power densities to new levels. The BMR351 has a 40-60V input ra

Power | 30-05-2023

Showcasing new products for converter solutions

Flex Power Modules will be presenting its extensive range of DC-DC converters for industrial and transport applications, together with products for the telecom and 5G market, as we

Power | 20-02-2023

Eighth brick DC-DC provides 240W from a wide input range

Flex Power Modules has expanded its PKB-D series of isolated eighth-brick DC-DC converters with the release of the PKB5213D, offering a wide 18-60V input range comprising 24V and 4

Power | 14-02-2023

Upgraded voltage regulator module offers improved efficiency

Flex Power Modules has upgraded the specification of its innovative BMR510, a two-phase voltage regulator module. It now employs advanced materials of magnetic core, delivering hig

Power | 13-12-2022

A new 8:1 non-isolated bus converter introduced

Flex Power Modules has released the BMR320, a non-isolated, unregulated, DC-DC intermediate bus converter with a fixed 8:1 input/output voltage ratio in a compact form factor. The

Power | 21-11-2022

Showcasing new bus converter together with power conversion products

Flex Power Modules will be showcasing new products at the electronica 2022. One product, to be launched at the event, will be an 8:1 ratio, 400W intermediate bus converter with exc

Power | 04-11-2022

Companies team up to develop ultra-small intermediate bus converter

Flex Power Modules launched its BMR313 Intermediate Bus Converter (IBC) at the 2022 Open Compute Project global summit. Developed with onsemi, the non-isolated and unregulated devi

Power | 20-10-2022