Realising mobile LE applications with BLE module

Panasonic's PAN1782, available now from Rutronik, employs the long range of Bluetooth 5.1, providing a higher symbol rate of 2Mbit/s with the high-speed LE 2M PHY or a notably longer range with the LE-encoded PHY at 500kb/s or 125kb/s. The

Rutronik | 14-02-2023

Economical handheld spectrum analyser for general-purpose RF testing

Anritsu Company offers the Field Master MS2070A handheld spectrum analysers that supply the performance and field-proven durable platform of the company's Field Master family at an economical price. Supplying required features and performan

Anritsu | 13-02-2023

New eBook from explores the future in automotive design

Mouser has published a new eBook in collaboration with Qorvo, emphasising the technology innovations reshaping automotive design. In 'The Future of Automotive', subject matter experts from the companies provide rich, practical analyses of t

Mouser Electronics | 10-02-2023

New line of 1mm passive coaxial components cover DC to 110GHz applications

Fairview Microwave has released a new line of 1mm passive coaxial components to satisfy various applications, including research and development, data transmission, test and measurement, satellite communications and more. The new product

Fairview Microwave | 10-02-2023

New PDM microphone with low power consumption in a small package

Infineon Technologies AG's MEMS microphone development strategy incorporates the main building blocks MEMS, ASIC and package for this sensor family. For this reason, the company has full ownership of its products' performance, quality, and

Infineon | 09-02-2023

Quad-row board-to-board connectors provide space-saving connections

Mouser now stocks the Quad-Row board-to-board connectors from Molex. The connectors provide a staggered circuit layout and a 0.175mm pitch low-profile design for 30% space savings over traditional connectors. These patent-pending connectors

Mouser Electronics | 08-02-2023

New antennas cover a wide range of frequencies

Fairview Microwave now offers a new series of in-stock waveguide horn antennas for meeting a broad variety of wireless applications. The new line of waveguide horn antennas provides high gain from 10dBi to 20dBi for transmitting greater

Fairview | 03-02-2023

New negative-slope equalisers offset excessive loss on long cable runs

Pasternack offers an innovative series of in-stock, negative-slope equalisers for broadband applications, including electronic defence, electronic countermeasures, microwave radio and more. The company's new negative-slope equalisers off

Pasternack | 02-02-2023

High-performance cable systems provide improved signal integrity

Mouser now ships the Flyover QSFP (FQSFP) cable systems from Samtec. These high-performance cable systems supply improved signal integrity and architectural flexibility by flying critical data signals via low-loss, ultra-low skew twinax cab

Mouser Electronics | 01-02-2023

High dielectric strength MOSFET relays for smart meters and test systems

Omron Electronic Components Europe has extended its broad range of MOSFET relays with two new devices. The new Omron G3VM-401 and G3VM-601 provide high dielectric strength and operating temperatures for electric meters and industrial contro

Omron | 01-02-2023

Improved GPS disciplined OCXO competes with atomic standards

RFX Group has released a fully redesigned version of its PT626-GPS16 disciplined OCXO. Incorporating many changes, including a 16-bit DAC developed for smoother holdover transition and a new GPS receiver for enhanced sensitivity, this next-

RFX | 31-01-2023

New LPSRAMs with embedded error-correction code and boosted reliability

Alliance Memory has extended its portfolio of LPSRAM products with new 1Mb and 4Mb devices that offer ECC. Compared to past generation devices, the new AS6CE1016A (1Mb) and AS6CE4016B (4Mb) provide better failure in time and MTTF characteri

Alliance Memory | 30-01-2023

Silicone overmoulded assemblies ideal for high currents and temperatures

ODU provides individual, silicone-overmoulded assemblies of connectors and certified silicone cables with optional laser marking in accordance with UDI. In applications facing high currents and/or temperatures, with high data rates trans

ODU Connectors | 27-01-2023

Latest 5G external antennas provide fixed or portable coverage

Mouser offers engineers 'floor to ceiling' coverage with the latest antennas from TE Connectivity/Laird External Antennas. Whether fixed or portable, these antennas are perfect for environments where wide-angle coverage is demanded for a su

Mouser Electronics | 20-01-2023