All-in-one spectrum analyser with VNA and a cable/antenna tester in a handheld package

Saelig Company, Inc has released the SIGLENT SHA800A series, handheld portable spectrum analysers forming a powerful, versatile option for benchtop and field RF measurement applications. The analysers combine the capabilities of a Spectrum

Saelig | 17-05-2023

Add connectivity to compact IOT devices with flexible and PCB patch antennas

Amphenol RF has added flexible and PCB patch antennas into its robust portfolio of RF solutions. These antennas can be employed inside connected devices and provide either a flexible pad or rigid PCB, which can be mounted inside the device.

Amphenol | 11-05-2023

Gateway software extended with a new management tool

NeoCortec has developed its NeoGateway software with a new network management tool. The network management tool automatically monitors the health of the deployed NeoMesh wireless sensor networks. It regularly checks parameters such as netwo

NeoCortec | 11-05-2023

Meeting wireless designers needs with expansive Wi-Fi 6/6E portfolio

Mouser supplies a wide selection of Qorvo Wi-Fi 6/6E (802.11ax) solutions, supplying power-efficient and reliable whole-home coverage for applications such as smart home, IoT, IIoT and more. Wi-Fi 6/6E provides a clear advantage over ear

Mouser Electronics | 27-04-2023

New outdoor IP67-rated PoE injectors and splitter

Transtector has launched two new outdoor, IP67-rated PoE injectors and a PoE-compatible splitter. The new injectors add power to a PoE-capable device via its Ethernet data cable, eradicating the need to run a separate electrical cord to

Transtector | 27-04-2023

First 75" high-resolution ultra-bright display released

Display Technology has launched LG Displays' first 75" high-brightness display. Offering an ultra-high resolution of 3840x2160 and an active area of 1649.664mm (H) x 927.936mm (V), this display is an ideal option for various applications, i

Display Technology | 26-04-2023

New line of push-button attenuators serves wide range of applications

Pasternack has released a new series of push-button attenuators to manage multiple applications, covering test instrumentation and cellular, wireless and satellite communications. The company's new line of continuously variable attenuato

Pasternack | 24-04-2023

Global distribution agreement provides sustainable IoT solutions

Mouser has signed a new global distribution agreement with EnOcean. The company's family of tools and interfaces for Smart Building applications streamlines the commissioning and integration of control networks in IoT systems based on the I

Mouser Electronics | 21-04-2023

Tantalum nitride anti-moisture precision resistors suit multiple applications

Current market conditions have made finding generally used components such as precision chip resistors more difficult. If the application needs robust stability and moisture withstanding, tantalum nitride technology is a superb solution. Un

Stackpole | 21-04-2023

Powerful and compact SMD fuse for high current SELV applications

Schurter has launched its new UHS, a compact fast acting SMT fuse developed to interrupt high-energy overcurrent in the SELV range safely. The new UHS is offered in six current ratings from 50-100A at 50VDC or 32VDC, with a breaking capacit

Schurter | 21-04-2023

Extended frequency range of spectrum analyser offers excellent performance

Anritsu Company has expanded its Field Master MS2080A, a multi-functional spectrum analyser that integrates nine instruments into a single solution to function up to 6GHz. With extended frequency coverage, the device satisfies rising conges

Anritsu | 20-04-2023

New chipset for 5G mobile devices launched

Semtech Corporation has expanded its PerSe product portfolio with a new IC purpose-built for 5G mobile devices. Its PerSe technology senses human proximity and allows end devices such as smartphones to implement advanced RF control. The Per

Semtech | 20-04-2023

Seamless connectivity and low power consumption Wi-Fi IC

Nordic Semiconductor has created the nRF7002, a companion IC for integrating seamless Wi-Fi 6 connectivity into multiple applications. It is available now from Rutronik. The device is a cost-effective and power-saving option and inspires wi

Rutronik | 20-04-2023

Automotive modules expand multichannel high data rate communication

Mouser is now shipping the u-blox JODY-W3 Host-Based Automotive Modules. The modules are created to satisfy the growing number of wireless high-speed, high-data communication connections for automobiles and industrial IoT applications, such

Mouser Electronics | 19-04-2023