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Continuous lane accurate positioning taken to challenging urban environments

U-blox has released the ZED-F9K high precision multi-band GNSS module with built-in inertial sensors. The module consolidates the most current generation of GNSS receiver technology, signal processing algorithms, and correction services to

U-Blox | 08-05-2019

Fixed installation car power adapter provides durability and excellent heat dissipation

The RS Components RS Pro 720W Fixed Installation Car Power Adapter, 18-32VDC/12VDC comes in an anodized aluminium case providing durability and maximum heat dissipation. The converter is compact, lightweight and very easy to operate. The un

RS Components | 30-04-2019

New module with CAN FD for increased automotive industry bandwidth demands

HBM has expanded its range of data acquisition modules by releasing the new MX471C module with CAN FD protocol. The module is part of the industry standard’s QuantumX family, offering engineers universal and flexible solutions for integrati

HBM | 29-04-2019

New filter ferrite bead for high frequency, high current automotive applications

Murata has announced its new BLM18DN_SH series of noise filter ferrite beads. The new devices are specially created for automotive networks using PoC with high impedance, high frequencies and supporting large currents, up to 1400mA. As

Murata | 23-04-2019

Customised AC solutions for the EV charging market

ITT Cannon’s class-leading UL and CE certified connectors, plugs, outlets and accessories provide recognised, trusted and proven charging solutions for the current day e-mobility markets. The solutions are available now from TTI Europe. Bui

TTI Europe | 18-04-2019

TMR sensor offers highest auto safety level on a single chip

Mouser now offers the TLE5501 XENSIV magnetic sensors from Infineon Technologies. The company's first magnetic sensors based on tunnel magneto resistance (TMR) technology, the sensors are excellent for automotive BLDC motor commutation in d

Mouser Electronics | 11-04-2019

Low profile SMT automotive antennas deliver optimum performance

Available from TTI Europe are new low profile SMT automotive antennas from AVX/Ethertronics that provide best-in-class RF performance and give global coverage. The antennas support various worldwide frequency bands and assure excellent perf

TTI Europe | 09-04-2019

Stators for use in EV and PHEV cars

EEMPL have now added custom stators to their range of automotive grade magnetic products built in their IATF16949:2016 qualified factory. These devices are now available from Luso Electronics. These stators are used for small electrical

Luso | 08-04-2019

Fast dimming linear LED controller targets automotive applications

Diodes Incorporated has released the AL5816Q, an automotive-compliant linear LED controller for automotive LED lighting. Providing an operating voltage range of 4.5V to 60V, the device gives an output drive current of 15mA to control LED li

Diodes Inc | 03-04-2019

LED drivers provide optimised diagnosis features

Infineon Technologies LITIX Basic+ LED Drivers, available now from Mouser, are a scalable family of LED Drivers featuring one to three inputs/outputs and an integrated power shift circuit. Output currents from 5mA up to 360mA (with power sh

Mouser Electronics | 01-04-2019

Constant current LED drivers are easy-to-use, reliable and cost-efficient

Nexperia has increased its constant current LED driver family with eight new AEC-Q101 qualified devices to drive low and medium-power LEDs up to 250mA. The 16V NCR32xx and 40V NCR42xx series are offered in two package styles, the space-savi

Nexperia | 29-03-2019

Compact four-channel automotive power management IC for vehicle camera modules

With automotive camera modules becoming even smaller, designers can now use the ultra-compact MAX20049 power management IC from Maxim Integrated Products, which combines four power supplies into a tiny footprint. As well as being one of the

Maxim | 28-03-2019

Automotive load switches offer low-resistance and enhanced protection features

Kinetic KTS164xQ Automotive Load Switches, available now from Mouser, provide low-resistance and enhanced protection features from an abnormal power supply or load problems. The device runs from a wide input supply voltage of 6V to 40V, gua

Mouser Electronics | 27-03-2019

Operational amplifiers designed for general-purpose automotive applications

Texas Instruments TLV6002-Q1 Operational Amplifiers are single or dual-channel, and specially created for general-purpose automotive applications. The device features rail-to-rail input and output (RRIO) swings, low quiescent current (75µA,

Texas Instruments | 19-03-2019