Small sized TFT displays suited to medical and industrial applications

22-02-2023 | Display Technology | Automotive & Transport

Display Technology offers two new small-size TFT displays from Disea that provide exceptional brightness, viewing angles and temperature range. The 3.5" TFT display ZW-T035SGV-05 and 4.3" TFT display ZW-T043BWSA-05 are intended to satisfy the demands of diverse applications in medical and industrial industries, automotive, and more.

The 3.5" TFT display offers VGA resolution and an IPS panel, supplying a wide viewing angle and a bright display. The panel has 800x480 pixels, and the IPS technology allows the user to view the display from any angle without colour distortion. This feature makes it excellent for applications requiring numerous people to view the display, such as in public information kiosks and handheld medical devices.

The 4.3" TFT display is intended for applications that need a high-brightness display with a broad temperature range. With a brightness of 800cd/m², it delivers clear visibility even in direct sunlight or high ambient lighting conditions. The IPS panel technology also provides a wide viewing angle, and the display's wide operating temperature range of -30C to 80C makes it appropriate for usage in harsh environments, such as automotive infotainment systems, outdoor digital signage, and industrial automation equipment.

These displays provide easy integration and customisation options, including touch panel integration, optical bonding, and custom firmware design. They also include a long-term supply commitment from Disea, ensuring availability and reliability for customers.