Digital contactless angle sensors provide fast data acquisition

21-02-2023 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Monolithic Power Systems MA736 Digital Contactless Angle Sensors are 8-bit to 12.5-bit, 3μs low-latency ultra-small digital angle sensors in UTQFN-14 packages. These sensors detect the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet on rotating shafts, generally a diametrically magnetised cylinder. The digital angle sensors include fast data acquisition and processing to deliver accurate angle measurements from static angle measurement to high-speed rotation. These angle sensors support various magnetic field strengths and spatial configurations, incorporating end-of-shaft and off-axis (side-shaft mounting) configurations.

These contactless angle sensors can detect the magnetic field's strength and include configurable thresholds that can be used for diagnostic purposes. The digital filtering is adjustable to optimise control loop performance when used in servo applications.

These angle sensors are employed in automotive angle sensors, robotics, general-purpose angle measurements, and high-resolution angle encoders.