Miniature aluminium capacitors increase design flexibility

22-02-2023 | Vishay | Passives

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc now offers a new series of low-impedance automotive-grade miniature aluminium electrolytic capacitors that produces higher performance in smaller case sizes than past-generation solutions. The Vishay BCcomponents 172 RLX series integrates high ripple currents up to 4.9A, high-temperature operation to +105C and very long useful life to 10,000h in 14 case sizes ranging from 10mm x 12mm to 18mm x 40mm.

Compared to past-generation solutions, the AEC-Q200 qualified capacitors provide lower impedance, higher capacitance for a given case size and voltage, and up to 54% higher ripple current at the same CV rating in smaller case sizes. For example, while previous-generation solutions provide a ripple current of 1100mA at a CV rating of 1000F/10V in the 10mm x 16mm case size, the RLX series supplies 1700mA in the 10mm x 12mm case size. This permits designers to use fewer components, improving design flexibility and saving board space.

Featuring radial leads and a cylindrical aluminium case with pressure relief, insulated with a blue sleeve, the series delivers rated voltages up to 50V, capacitance from 150µF to 15,000µF, and low impedance down to 0.011-Ohm at +20C. The devices are charge- and discharge-proof.

As polarised aluminium electrolytic capacitors with a non-solid electrolyte, the RoHS-compliant devices are ideal for smoothing, filtering, and buffering in SMPS, DC-DC converters, motor drives, and control units for industrial, automotive, telecommunications, audio-video, and electronic data processing applications.


By Seb Springall