Showcasing global high-voltage power solutions

XP Power is returning to the international electronic engineering community at electronica 2022 once again. Visitors will have the chance to get a close look at its wide-ranging hi

Industrial | 27-10-2022

High-density medical desktop power supply reduces size by half

XP Power has launched a new range of ultra-compact medical desktop power supplies that satisfy the demand for space-saving fan-less solutions in home healthcare and hospital applic

Power | 20-06-2022

Wall-mount AC/DC power supplies have enhanced home healthcare design

XP Power has launched three new series of IP22-rated wall-mount power supplies that provide notable benefits to the rapidly growing home healthcare market. The devices are ideal fo

Power | 06-06-2022

AC/DC power supplies for industrial technology and medical devices

XP Power has launched the FCB100 series of AC/DC power supplies. The series is certified to medical (including BF), ITE and household standards for Class I and II (no ground connec

Power | 04-02-2022

New low-cost power supplies offer a wide range of safety and EMC approvals

XP Power now offers a new series of 60W low profile AC/DC power supplies aimed at use in a broad variety of cost-sensitive applications, including information technology equipment,

Power | 14-01-2022

Power supply offers advanced programmability in a compact package

XP Power has announced two new single-phase 1.5kW AC/DC power supplies that offer programmable CV and CC operation with analogue and digital interfaces for user control. The compac

Power | 06-10-2021

Wide input AC/DC power supplies for embedded applications

XP Power has introduced the LCW series of regulated output cased AC/DC power supplies ideal for embedded industrial electronics, technology and equipment needing household approval

Power | 22-09-2021

Power supply solution for display, lighting, ITE and industrial applications

XP Power has released a new range of open-frame 80W power supplies that provides a compact and low-cost solution for an extensive range of display, lighting, industrial and technol

Power | 07-06-2021

New regulated high-voltage DC-DC converters for multiple applications

XP Power has launched the HRC05 series of 5W regulated high-voltage DC-DC converters that offer a fully adjustable and reliable output voltage up to 6kVDC in a small package. Model

Power | 11-05-2021

AC/DC power supplies with voltage and current programming

XP Power has introduced the HDL3000-HV series of single-phase input 3kW AC/DC power supplies with output voltages from 150V to 400VDC, with up to 800VDC achieved by connecting unit

Power | 26-04-2021

AC/DC power supply module for challenging and space-critical applications

XP Power has released a new range of low profile, half brick, baseplate cooled AC/DC power supplies that need no external circuitry for operation or EMC compliance. Models in the n

Power | 13-04-2021

Cost-effective enclosed AC/DC power supplies for budget-conscious applications

XP Power has introduced the LCS series of regulated output, convection cooled AC/DC power supplies that are ideal for budget-conscious applications. The four new series (LCS35, LCS

Power | 19-02-2021

New programmable DC power supplies for higher power equipment

XP Power has introduced the PLS1500 series of 1500W rated, 1U high, 19” rack-mount programmable DC power supplies. This latest expansion complements the 600W PLS600 range for highe

Power | 18-01-2021

New class II power supplies for medical devices including BF applications

XP Power has released a new range of 500W AC/DC power supplies that offer class II safety certification, including BF class insulation, for medical device applications demanding cl

Power | 04-12-2020