High-density medical desktop power supply reduces size by half

20-06-2022 | XP | Power

XP Power has launched a new range of ultra-compact medical desktop power supplies that satisfy the demand for space-saving fan-less solutions in home healthcare and hospital applications with power densities up to 11W/in3.

Compared to existing solutions currently available, the new solutions reduce the required space by 50%, doubling the all-important power density. Using a compact external power supply reduces the end equipment's size and weight, giving a more convenient and portable solution.

The new AQM series provides three power levels – 200W (AQM200), 250W (AQM250), and 300W (AQM300) – to satisfy a wide variety of medical applications. All units operate from universal mains input (85-264VAC). The AQM250 offers single outputs of 12V, 19V, 24V, and 48V, with the AQM200 and AQM300 providing a 15V output configuration.

The devices are certified to a wide range of international safety and EMI approvals, including EN/IEC60601-1, EN61000, and EN55032. The units also comply with 4th Edition Medical EMC requirements and offer 2 x MOPP protection. With this comprehensive suite of approvals, design time, risk, and approval costs are greatly reduced.

Class I and II versions of all the variants are available, permitting use in professional healthcare facilities such as hospitals and remotely in patients' homes or workplaces.

Based upon wide-bandgap GaN technology, the low loss units provide efficiencies up to 94%. They consume less than 150mW in standby mode, meeting Energy Efficiency Level VI. All devices deliver full output power up to 40C and can be used with derating up to 60C.

The AQM200 series measures only 6.56" x 2.13" x 1.3" (166.5mm x 54.2mm x 33mm), and all devices are IP22 sealed with a smooth surface for safe and easy wipe down.

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